Thank Goodness I’m with the Puparazzi

January 15, 2007 at 12:04 am 1 comment

Earlier this week, injured Sean was eating lunch.  Food alone is enough to attract the dogs, but I wonder if they could also sense Sean’s vunerability.  Both dogs were extremely attentive and watched Sean’s every move.

“All eyes are on you,” I told Sean, “It’s like the paparazzi.”

“The puparazzi,” Sean corrected.

I was uploading pictures to Flickr today and I realized it is good that I am subject to the puparazzi and not the paparazzi.  One of the perks of visting my parents’ house is getting to catch up on back issues of The Enquirer and Us (my parents have subscriptions to both).  It’s a guilty pleasure– not the most productive use of my time and it’s probably not the best influence on my self-esteem. 

I’m not worried about comparing myself to pictures of scrawny Kate Bosworth or Nicole Richie.  I am, however, concerned about Britney Spears.  Over Christmas, I saw a picture in The Enquirer of a hefty, slobby looking Spears.  The caption under the picture read (paraphrased), “The 5’5″ singer has reached 140 pounds.”

Suddenly my care-free entertainment stopped me dead in my tracks.  You see, I’m 5’5″ and I’m pretty darn close to 140… and the way I think I look has very little resemblence to the picture I was gawking at!

If I were to fall under the scruntiny of the paparazzi, though, I would have bigger problems to ponder.  Every now and then a magazine will share two pictures of an actress commiting the cardinal sin of, *gasp*, wearing the same outfit more than once.  Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley were two that were cited.

Redundancy is good for hardware, web servers and databases, but not so good for Hollywood fashion.

Which brings me back to Flickr.  Today I uploaded some new pictures from a hike at Bottom Creek Gorge.  I was looking at this picture of myself:

See not a thing like Britney Spears

The shirt stuck out.  It reads “Rocky Mountain National Park” and is a souvenir from my Colorado trip last July.  It turns out that shirt has made a number of cameos in my pictures.  Here are some just in the past month:

Hiking with Brian Nenninger

Decorating Cookies with Penn

Now the paparazzi may have taken issue with my redundant warddrobe.  But the puparazzi don’t care one bit… especially if I happen to have food on hand.  🙂  

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    […] I did give the trail a very cautious benefit of the doubt. I had to be cautious– we can’t have me and Sean with broken feet, can we? I continued on for another switchback or two (sometimes using the nearby trees as security), but the conditions did not improve. Jimmie, of course, had no problem whatsoever. I tried to follow his lead and “Four Wheel” it for a while, but that didn’t work. Jimmie’s dainty little feet didn’t sink all the way through the snow, so he always had some traction. I was heavy enough that I always contacted the ice. Blast that Britney Spears weight. […]


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