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Henry <3 Playmats

Henry is still indifferent to the baby…but he LOVES the baby’s playmats. ¬†He has taken to sleeping on them whenever there is a vacancy.

Henry Takes Over Playmat (By Anne Sawyer)
Henry Napping on a Playmat (Photo by Anne Sawyer)

Henry On ANOTHER Playmat
Henry Napping on ANOTHER Playmat

And what does he do if, pray tell, the baby is actually using his own play mat? Well, Henry waits his turn, of course! : )

Henry Waits for Playmat (By Anne Sawyer)
Henry Waits While Sagan Does His Wiggle Mode (Photo by Anne Sawyer)

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Sagan and the Dogs

Someone asked me yesterday how the dogs were adjusting to our new arrival. Our first night home, the dogs slept with my mother and father. Since then we’ve introduced them back into our bedroom. I was pleasantly, pleasantly, pleasantly surprised with how easily the dogs accepted having to share a dog bed instead of sleeping with us. I really thought that adjustment was going to be a frustrating ordeal filled with beligerent barks and entitled yipes, but they caught on right away.

One time Jimmie ran into a Timber Rattlesnake on a hike. When I heard the rattle and called him back, there was no hesistation and he immediately pulled back from the snake. I didn’t have to call him repeatedly with escalating intensity like normal and he didn’t try to play with it like he had in the past with Black Rat Snakes. I suspect the dogs can tell when something is really important.

Henry the Beagle seems completely indifferent, maybe even oblivious, to the baby. He’s been going about life as normal, arooing at nothing and spending a lot of time in the kitchen in hopes that someone drops or forgets food.

Jimmie, meanwhile, is definitely curious about the new critter. When he’s permitted, he lays down near Sagan and stares.

Sagan - Day Four - New Baby, Old Baby
Aww— Poor Jimmie Overshadowed by New Baby

Sagan - Day Six - Jimmie Meet Sagan, Sagan Meet Jimmie
Jimmie and Sagan Size Each Other Up

Sagan - One Week - Jimmie Stalks Bassinette (Close)
Jimmie Stares

Jimmie has always been really attached to me, but this week I learned even he has his limits. Late one night, Sagan was crying. Jimmie got up off his dog bed and without fanfare, silently moseyed downstairs. He curled up all by himself two floors down on the living room couch and he spent the rest of the night there. This marks the very first time in our fourteen years together that Jimmie WILLINGLY chose to sleep in a different room than me. ūüôā

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Henry’s Valley Forge

A few years ago, my boss Larry and I were on a business trip in Pennsylvania with some extra time. We decided to stop by Valley Forge on our way to the airport. As we made our way to the National Park, Larry and I rambled on as we tend to do and we both talked about all the things we remembered about Valley Forge. When we arrived, we were dumbfounded at how consistently inaccurate our recollections were. For example, the men did not in fact leave Valley Forge to sail across the Delaware River to win the war.

But, one thing I DID remember correctly was the bloody footprints. During the winter to 1777-1778, the men were ill-clothed and if they had shoes, they weren’t up to the winter weather. Ice and snow were not kind to the soldier’s exposed feet. They cracked and bled and left souvenirs in the snow. In a letter to Congress, George Washington wrote, “marches might be tracked by the blood from their feet.”

The most treacherous¬†part for the humans on our snowy Kelly’s Knob hike was our drive back down icy VA-601. For Henry, it was the snow itself. All seemed well at first. Henry was having a good ole time and was as happy as I was to be reunited with the Appalachian Trail.

Kelly's Knob - Henry the Trailblazer
Happy Henry

Then suddenly, history in action. We started to notice blood in the snow. The footprints got bloodier and bloodier. We didn’t have a Martha Washington on hand to knit some socks for Henry. But we did have a Ryan Somma. Henry soldiered on for as long as he could. Finally, he acquiesced and let Ryan carry him the rest of the way.

Kelly's Knob - Henry's Paws (Cropped)
Bloody footed Henry is carried down by Ryan

In a few days, Henry’s paws were as good as new.

At least, that’s how I recall it now.

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Bark for Life 2010

Thank you to everyone who supported Henry at Bark for Life! Little Henry raised $167 for the American Cancer Society and in return mailed out five crocheted hats.  I am still struck and touched by the donations of blog readers I have never met in person.  Thanks so much for your continued interest and support in my causes!

With his donations secured, on September 11th Henry (along with Ryan, Jimmie and I) headed to Meyler Farms for the Bark for Life event. 

The event was great fun from beginning to end. Jimmie and Henry were far from the only attendants. A large variety of dogs showed up. They represented different breeds and different talents. Some dogs were good at looking cute. Some dogs were good at jumping through obstacles. One German Shepard was trained to respond only to commands in French. Oh la la!

Bark for Life -Ryan and Henry
Ryan and Henry at Bark for Life

Bark for Life -Perched Hound

Bark for Life -Woman Holds Dog

Bark for Life -Most Relay Handsome Dog - 1

Since this was a day event, instead of the typical Relay for Life candles and bags which thrive at night, colorful pinwheels served as the Luminaria.

Bark for Life - Luminaria

Throughout the day, they had a number of different contests…with prizes.¬† They had a costume contest, an award for the most Relay-spirited dog, a pet-owner look-a-like contest, a most handsome dog award and a timed obstacle course.

Bark for Life - Trophies
Prizes Waiting to be Claimed

Bark for Life - Costume Contest - Mimi Rogers as Turtle 3
Mimi Dressed as Turtle for the Costume Contest

Bark for Life -Lacey's Haircut
Lacie Showed Her Relay Spirit with a Pink Cancer Ribbon Haircut!

Bark for Life -Obstacle Race  11
Relay Co-Chair Debbie Morrisettes Runs the Obstacle Course with Rocky(?)

Bark for Life -Obstacle Race 7
This Owner Ran the Obstacle Course with Two Dogs at ONCE!

Jimmie’s Old
There was one downside to the event. It reminded me how much poor Jimmie has aged. When we were practicing for the obstacle course race, I came to a jump that was well within Jimmie’s abilities….. when he was young! I forgot all about the stiff and calculated manuevers he uses to get on the couch or how he can no longer get on the bed by himself or the times he tries to jump into the car and falls backwards onto the driveway. Instead I thought of the younger Jimmie, the spry one who could fly over the jump with ease. Without a second thought I hopped over the jump and encouraged Jimmie to do the same.

Bless his valiant heart. He tried. And he did a face plant right in the ground! The poor guy’s nose was covered in dirt.

Bark for Life -Jimmie's Old
Poor Jimmie

But he rebounded. Before long he was happy again and eating some homemade dog treats and sniffing things I wish he wouldn’t. And when it came time for the official timed run— I carried him over that jump. : )

Despite Jimmie’s faceplant, I think it is safe to say, we all had a splendid time. We look forward to next year’s Bark for Life! Till then, more pictures from Bark for Life 2010 can be found on my Flickr site.

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Henry Still Wants Bark for Life Donations…and Costume Ideas

Two more days until Bark for Life! Henry is still fishing for Bark for Life Donations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the American Cancer Society, you can do so through Henry’s donation page. He’ll send you a crochet hat!

Henry Offers You Hats
Henry is Still Offering Hats!

Secondly, the event is going to have an award for “Best Dressed Dog” and “Best Relay for Life Spirited Dog”. I was toying with dressing Henry up as a dinosaur, accompanied by a sign that reads, “Make Cancer Extinct!”. If you have any easy, quick ideas Henry can steal, by all means leave a comment! : )

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Henry Wants Bark for Life Donations

In April 2004, Henry was diagnosed with cancer.¬† After surgery to remove his tumor, the vet speculated that Henry had a 50% chance of¬†living three more years.¬† It’ s been over six now!¬† Thanks to all the strides in cancer research, Henry’s gotten to have six extra birthdays.¬† And in those six years– hiking, camping, canoeing and other great adventures!¬† To help other dogs, and humans, celebrate more birthdays Henry (and Jimmie) will be participating in¬†Bark for Life on September 11th.¬† It’s a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, only for dog participants!¬† Henry is currently soliciting donations.

NOW, Henry realizes that just three months ago, I hit a lot of you up for donations for Relay for Life.¬† So Henry’s upping the ante.¬† If you give Henry a donation for Bark for Life, then Henry will send you a crochet head-hugger hat.¬† Just in time for sock hat season.

Henry's Bark for Life Hats
Henry Offers You Hats

Tyrek Models Bark for Life Hat
Special Thanks to Tyrek for Modeling this Hat

If you are sufficiently enticed, visit Henry’s Bark for Life Donation page. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Qubit the Dog Food Thief

A couple of quick pictures to share today. The kitten Qubit has taken a liking to dog food. This morning, he rushed over to Jimmie’s bowl and started devouring Jimmie’s breakfast. Qubit has picked his victim well– Jimmie is exactly the pushover who just sits there and lets it happen. That kind of behavior would never fly with Henry.


Elizabeth City - Qubit Eating Jimmie's Food
Jimmie Waiting for *His* Turn to Eat *His* Food

Elizabeth City - Jimmie's Breakfast Being Eaten by Qubit
Jimmie Appealing for Outside Assistance

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Code Hound

Last week I mentioned that Henry and Jimmie have been auditing the Computer Literacy classes. Henry is a bred pack animal, so he does fancy being in groups. Here are two shots he snuck into. One from our class on Software and one from our class on Maintenance. Enjoy!

Computer Literacy - Software - Henry Audits the Lecture
Henry the Beagle Listens to a Lecture on Software

Computer Literacy Program - Maintenance - Henry Among Windows Updaters
Henry the Beagle in the Middle of Computer Maintenance Lab

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Henry the Beagle’s First Boat Ride

At ten years of age, Henry the Beagle is having a landmark year. In June, he went on his first camping trip at Mount Rogers, Virginia. Today, he went on his first boat ride. A canoe trip at Merchant’s Millpond State Park in North Carolina.

Henry was joined by Jimmie, who is an old pro when it comes to dog boating. Jimmie’s been on speed boats and row boats and paddle boats. A canoe would not be a tough transition for him.

It was a great day to paddle Merchant’s Millpond. With the crisp fall weather, the changing leaves, and the haunting backdrop of deformed baldcypress trees, it definitely felt like Halloween is approaching!

Merchant's Millpond - Fall Leaves on Algae
Fall Approaching in the Swamp

And what’s Halloween without a little orange? Both dogs wore their Outward Hound Life Jackets. One of the features of the jackets is the “rescue handle”. I have yet to have to use the rescue handle for an actual rescue, but as is wise with most outdoor equipment, we did test the feature out ahead of time:

Merchant's Millpond - Ryan Demonstrates Jimmie and Henry's Rescue Handles
Rescue Handles Working – Check

I am happy to say that Henry did an excellent job on the trip. In fact, he seemed more relaxed in the canoe than he is in the car.

Merchant's Millpond - Ryan and Henry
Ryan with Henry

Merchant's Millpond - Jimmie, Vicky, Henry in Canoe
Jimmie and Vicky with Henry

I suppose it didn’t hurt that he had a lot of neat things to look at and smell.

Merchant's Millpond - Baby Beavers (Close)
Baby Beavers! Nutrias!

Merchant's Millpond - Changing Leaves and Algae
Changing Leaves and Stinky Algae

Just like camping, Henry surprised me with his calm and quiet. All these years, he had been limited to day hikes. I’m looking forward to taking him canoing again!

Till then, more pictures of Canoing Merchant Millpond State Park can be found on my Flickr site.

P.S. Mom– Don’t worry. No sign of the alligator today. ūüôā

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Clothed Dogs

The dogs are typically naked, but sometimes they do wear garments when they are hiking. During hunting season they wear something orange. Sometimes they have on bandannas and yes, sometimes in the cold, I put sweaters on them.

Hunter Proof Jimmie and Henry (Cropped)
Wearing Orange on the Prickly Pear Trail

Mann's Bog - Jimmie's Don't Shoot Me Outfit
Jimmie’s “Don’t Shoot Me Outfit” on Salt Pond Mountain

Henry in a Sweater at Falls Ridge (getting picked on by Zanz)

Bald Knob 2004: Jimmie
Jimmie in Bandanna on Bald Knob

Oh …and once after an ice storm– Jimmie wore a hoodie to warm back up.

Blacksburg - Jimmie in Hoodie
Jimmie in a Hoodie

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