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Pig Pickin’ 2008

Saturday, was Kathleen and Charlie’s annual Pig Pickin’ in Craig County, Virginia. I’ve attended this event a few times over the years– the first being 1998…ten years ago! Time flies!

A lot of my immediate friends who were with me in 1998 have moved away to different locales. For example, Ryan S moved to Maryland. Brian and Jodi are in North Carolina. But looking at the 1998 pictures, I see do someone who made both 1998 and 2008.

Tony Airaghi at 1998 Pig Pickin’

Tony Airaghi at 2008 Pig Pickin’

This event has always been dog friendly, but this year was the very first time I contributed to the pack. Jimmie accompanied me! I was pleased with his attendence. With a few infractions involving interest in the garbage or some of the dead opossums (a staple), he was well behaved. Poor Henry’s back foot is still weak, so I felt it was best to keep him away from all the other dogs and excitement.

Jimmie (on left) playing with some other dogs

Most of the time, Jimmie just chilled around me (those are my feet)

Last year, I got a lot of photos of the pig chopping process. This year, I went ahead and took a short video:

The food has consistently stayed delicious for a decade now and the party is always a fun time. I’ll part with a few more pictures:


Mavis Yawns

I thought Charlie looked especially manly holding his Kahlua White Russian

A brief rainstorm (it did not stop the party)

Roasting marshmallows

Plenty of more pictures from the Pig Pickin’ 2008 are up on my Flickr site.

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Rollerblading Radford Riverway

As I mentioned before, Tony Airaghi and I have a long standing tradition of rollerblading the Huckleberry Trail. We decided to mix it up a bit. We went rollerblading last Thursday, but instead of the usual Huckleberry Trail, we drove down to Radford and tried out the Radford Riverway Trail. What’s our verdict?

The Radford Riverway Trails are AWESOME for rollerblading!

Here are some features the Radford Riverway has over the Huckleberry Trail:

1) The Radford Riverway… has a river. It’s absolutely beautiful to skate next to.
2) The Radford Riverway has water fountains!
3) The Radford Riverway has bathrooms!
4) The Radford Riverway pavement is new and smooth, providing a very easy skate.

Now the Huckleberry does have more mileage (11.0 round trip as opposed to 6.4 round trip) and the Huckleberry hills are significantly steeper, so it is definitely the superior workout.

But as far as enjoying a summer evening, Tony and I found the Radford Riverway to be a pleasant vehicle. We parked at Bisset Park, bladed up to Sundell Drive and back and then we went along the river to the Dedmon Center and back. One of the nice surprises was getting to eat ripe mulberries. Very delicious.

I didn’t have my camera with me, but I did have my trusty LG enV:

Look at that beautiful pavement… and there is a RIVER!

River from a Bird Observation Deck

Additional Links
Map of Radford Riverway

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Meeting Oranjello

Last weekend, I finally got to meet my sister’s new kitten, Oranjello. You can read more about him on my sister’s blog here and here. He is cute and fluffy and…extremely playful. He had to get reprimanded a few times for his particular style of play.

Oranjello attacks my mother

Oranjello attacks Carolyn

Oranjello attacks a toy mouse

Oranjello attacks ME!

Currently there are no other Oranjellos out there in the Flickr community. So if you covet more pictures of him, the Flickr global tag hooks you up exclusively with my sister’s kitten. I can’t pull that stunt with “jimmie” and “henry”. I can’t even pull it with “stench”. The other names considered for the kitten would not have produced an original tag either.

Score one for unique names!

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Rowing Lake Ridge Park

Memorial Day Weekend (I know over a month ago!) I went up to my parents’ house. Saturday night, I stayed up until the wee wee wee hours of the morning chatting with my father and my brother. I finally went to bed near dawn and a measly two hours later, I got a call on my cell phone. It was Kipp.

“Hey Vicky, do you want to go to Mass with me this morning?” he asked.

“No.” I said.

I was too tired to even think about feeling guilty about choosing sleep over God and the karmic repercussions of such a decision (That last sentence has an impressive mixture of Catholic guilt, superstition and Hinduism all jumbled together in one).

When I did get up that afternoon, I decided to celebrate this great Earth and all my blessings in a manner which is more meaningful to me. I decided to do something outside. I often say, “Mountains are my favorite Mass.” In Occoquan, Virginia, there are no mountains. But there is something comparable– renting a rowboat at Lake Ridge Park.

I’m not sure what about rowing appeals to me so much. It is the rhythm you get into with the oars? Is the beauty of all the landscape? Is it seeing wildlife like herons and baby geese? Or maybe, just maybe, there is something to the Aquatic Ape Theory after all.

Scenery at Lake Ridge Park

Other rowers at Lake Ridge Park

Aww… A family of geese

A taste of home – Blooming Mountain Laurel lined the shoreline

You best appreciate this heron picture. Do you know how many pictures I had to take of those bloody things to even get this blurry shot?!?!

Whatever it is, rowing is very cathartic to me. It cleanses my mind. It gives me clarity and it makes me just so thrilled to be alive. And do you know the one thing that makes such an experience even better?

Sharing it with a great friend!


Jimmie watching canoers!

Aww…. The wittle puppy is worn out.

More pictures of the Lake Ridge Park outing are available on my Flickr site.

Lake Ridge Park Marina
12350 Cotton Mill Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22192
(703) 494-5288


$10/2 hrs

$16/3 hrs
$12/2 hrs
$8/1 hr

Paddle Boats

$8/1 hr
$5/half hr

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  • Bahahahaahahahaha! This is a story by my friend and old boss, Mandy. It is a hilarious tale about her son and a booger. Enjoy!
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Rhodo Photos by Tony

In February, I posted some Mount Roger pictures by my friend Tony Airaghi. The very last picture I shared, he was experimenting with the color accent feature of his camera. On our recent trip, Tony once again put that feature to use on Mount Rogers- this time to take pictures of the rhododendron blooms. I love what he ended up with:

Long live the color accent mode!

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