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[Remote] Birth Coaching

Greetings from Wisconsin! I’m working on-site this week and it’s been quite busy. Wisconsin, as always, is beautiful, but I haven’t had time to take any pictures of the countryside. BUT I do have one Wisconsin picture to share. This one is from my cell phone. It’s for my friend Jodi who went into labor with her second child this morning!

Encouraging Jodi from 1000 miles away!

It turns out it is difficult to take a picture of yourself while holding up a pad of paper with a message on it. I had to make use of my chin to pull it off.

And just in case you are wondering– little Chloe Elisabeth was born a couple of hours after the picture was taken. I hear both mother and daughter are doing well!!! 🙂

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Kelly’s Knob Tree – Not Dead

One of the trees I highlighted in the Cavity Filling post was a tree right at the top of Kelly’s Knob. That tree is so hollow and so riddled with holes that when I placed the “Kelly’s Knob Cache” geocache at the top, I strongly considered putting it in THAT tree.

Furthermore, most of the time I went up there, it was winter or early spring, before the leaves were out. I had just assumed the tree was dead. But August 2007 I was up there and lo and behold! That tree is very much alive.

How I usually see the tree – April 21, 2007

That tree has leaves! – August 18, 2007

More pictures of Kelly’s Knob from various visits are available on my Flickr site.

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Koosh Balls in Nature!

Last weekend I went hiking with both dogs (Henry’s first real hike since his leg injury!) in Douthat State Park. On the Blue Suck Falls Trail, I got introduced to a new fungus. The scientific name is Hericium erinaceus. Like fern fronds (a.k.a. fiddleheads), the fungus has a bunch of common names based on its appearance such as “Lion’s Mane Mushroom” and “Hedgehog Mushroom”. Until I was enlightened, I called it something else entirely.

I called it the “Koosh ball fungus”.

My Koosh ball fungus from Douthat State Park

Perusing Flickr, it looks like I’m not the only one who has spotted Koosh ball dopplegängers in nature! And these copycats are diverse. With my mushroom, the Plantae, Animalia and Fungi kingdoms are all represented. A variety of habitats are accounted for as well- tropical, underwater and even deserts.

Here are a few of the Koosh ball impersonators, courtesy of Creative Commons:

“koosh?” by Brenda Anderson

“Nature’s Koosh Ball” by mattsabo17

“koosh ball tree” by orphanjones

“It looks like a Koosh!” by skyfall

“Koosh” by omiksemaj

“looks like a koosh ball” by whalt

“au naturale koosh® ball” by druid labs

“Artichoke flower” by Erik++ (The description reads “It kind of looks like a koosh ball”)

And finally—

“smokey @ 5.37p” by yatta (The description reads “Her famous koosh ball impression.”)

Yup. I do believe this is cause for another Flickr group. 🙂

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Lion in a Bathtub

This picture is from the Wisconsin Historical Society. It was taken sometime between 1875 – 1940 (They narrowed it down to a mere 65 years).

Circus Lion in a Bathtub (Photo by Wisconsin Historical Society)

Lions are a member of the felidae family and are more closely related to house cats, but this picture sure has me fooled. The lion’s face and posture looks identical to my dogs when they have to get a bath!

10/22/2008 Edit:
Per my sister’s request, here are comparison shots with Jimmie and Henry. I didn’t even have to turn the water on for them to adopt a dejected stance.

Jimmie in a Bathtub

Henry in a Bathtub

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