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Farewell, Jimmie Dog

My most steadfast hiking buddy passed away this morning. His name was Jimmie (after the band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack). He spent 15 years and 4.5 months on this beautiful earth.

I have written before how adopting this small puppy from the Montgomery County Humane Society in 1997 impacted my life (See Happy 10th Birthday, Jimmie Dog). Jimmie’s adoption led to an active lifestyle. Finding adventures for my dog introduced me to my love of hiking and the mountains. His mere presence meant I was never really “alone” on any endeavor so he gave me the confidence (placebo?) to head into the woods alone and find my independence. He is a dog I will remember with gratitude.

The trails Jimmie has hiked over the years can be measured in “hundreds of miles”. Along the way, he has seen some amazing views. The slideshow below is an excerpt of some of the scenery we shared together. (You don’t have to have the attention span for all the slides, but do please note at how many slides there are. Epic!)

Last night, Ryan, Sagan and I took Jimmie across the river to Occoquan Regional Park. Jimmie was too weak to walk, so we drove to the park and we carried him to the shoreline. We sat under a sycamore tree. We watched ducks commute and ospreys tend to their young. We listened to the summer buzz of cicadas and people splashing on the west shore of the river. The sun set and together Jimmie and I took in one final view.

Jimmie's Last Outing - Jimmie and Vicky Take In One Last View (By Ryan Somma)
One Last View (Photo by Ryan Somma)

I love you, Jimmie Dog. I wish you happy trails.

More pictures of Jimmie’s Last Outing can be found on my Flickr site.

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The Silver Lining of a Feces Encrusted Foot

Our 14 year old dog Jimmie has an unfortunately side effect of old age.  He has very little consciousness of his bowels.  He can surprise himself (and us) with a dump at any place and any time.  In front of guests even.  Sometimes this surprise occurs in the middle of the night while he is dead asleep.  You have to wake him up and show him.  “Dude!  You took a dump!”

With little Sagan in our lives, I’m a light sleeper at the moment.  Last night in the wee hours, I became aware of Jimmie getting up and rushing down the stairs.  That means either he is about to have an accident… or he already did.  My nose told me it was the latter.  So I grabbed some toilet paper and went on patrol.  I found two rather small pieces on the stairs which I picked up.  I returned to my room and headed to the bathroom to dispose of them. 

I was just thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe all that smell came all the way from the stairs from just this” when I became aware of the most unpleasant of sensations on my right foot.  My BARE right foot.

It was such a large deposit I had practically molded myself a brand new shoe.  I let out an involuntary sound of distinct displeasure.  Sagan stirred, but luckily didn’t wake up.

We sleep on the floor and to walk to the bathroom would have poop pass by my bed much closer than I’d be comfortable with.  Irritated, I hopped down to the bathroom on the third floor.  I tried my best to rinse off my foot in the bathtub, but the pressure of the water alone was not enough.  I had to use my hands to scrub the remainder off.  And then I discovered– THERE WAS NO SOAP.

Even more irritated, I hopped down to the half bath on the second floor.  I kicked my foot up onto the sink and used that soap and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed my foot (and hands) like there was no tomorrow.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jimmie was slinking back upstairs from the dog door on the first floor.  When he saw me, he froze.  He just stood there with his head low and his tail between his legs.

I was tired and I was incredibly angry.  Incredibly angry.  I wanted to yell and scream.  I wanted him to be punished.  Instead I found myself kneeling down and giving the poor old dog some pets and trying to calm his nerves.

My forgiveness benefitted more than just Jimmie.

Well this should put your mind at ease,” I thought.

A few nights before, little Sagan had a rough night.  Instead of sleeping, he opted for fussing.  All night long.

Sagan - Day Sixteen -  Loves ZJ's Towel Sagan - August 7 - Crying Sagan - August 25 - Crying

Crying (July 28th, August 7, August 25)

Circa 4 AM, I felt emotions I didn’t want to feel. Frustration. Exasperation. Anger.

Rationally I know those emotions are normal, particularly with sleep deprivation.  But, you still feel guilty and you still worry.  “What if [my temperament] gets worse?!?  What if I turn into one of those people that shakes babies?!?!

Well after last night, those particular fears are squelched (I still get to fret about SIDS though).  If I can be THAT angry and still be so instinctively gentle with an old incontinent dog, I most certainly will do the same for my son.

Jimmie may have given me a rude awakening last night, but I’ll rest easier in return.  🙂

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Sagan and the Dogs

Someone asked me yesterday how the dogs were adjusting to our new arrival. Our first night home, the dogs slept with my mother and father. Since then we’ve introduced them back into our bedroom. I was pleasantly, pleasantly, pleasantly surprised with how easily the dogs accepted having to share a dog bed instead of sleeping with us. I really thought that adjustment was going to be a frustrating ordeal filled with beligerent barks and entitled yipes, but they caught on right away.

One time Jimmie ran into a Timber Rattlesnake on a hike. When I heard the rattle and called him back, there was no hesistation and he immediately pulled back from the snake. I didn’t have to call him repeatedly with escalating intensity like normal and he didn’t try to play with it like he had in the past with Black Rat Snakes. I suspect the dogs can tell when something is really important.

Henry the Beagle seems completely indifferent, maybe even oblivious, to the baby. He’s been going about life as normal, arooing at nothing and spending a lot of time in the kitchen in hopes that someone drops or forgets food.

Jimmie, meanwhile, is definitely curious about the new critter. When he’s permitted, he lays down near Sagan and stares.

Sagan - Day Four - New Baby, Old Baby
Aww— Poor Jimmie Overshadowed by New Baby

Sagan - Day Six - Jimmie Meet Sagan, Sagan Meet Jimmie
Jimmie and Sagan Size Each Other Up

Sagan - One Week - Jimmie Stalks Bassinette (Close)
Jimmie Stares

Jimmie has always been really attached to me, but this week I learned even he has his limits. Late one night, Sagan was crying. Jimmie got up off his dog bed and without fanfare, silently moseyed downstairs. He curled up all by himself two floors down on the living room couch and he spent the rest of the night there. This marks the very first time in our fourteen years together that Jimmie WILLINGLY chose to sleep in a different room than me. 🙂

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Conclusion from a Turd

This morning I woke up and, as usual, I let the dogs outside while the coffee maker worked its magic. The dogs had been out earlier that morning and I discovered poor, old Jimmie with his increasingly sporadic bowels had had an accident on the back deck. Then I noticed on the very bottom step, a squished turd with the unmistakable imprint of a shoe tread.

I laughed and felt bad for Ryan at the same time. That small, misshapen piece of poop gave me a clear vision of how his work day started out.

He came out of the house, admired the changing fall leaves, and inhaled the crisp and invigorating morning air.

“Today is going to be a GREAT day!!!” I imagine he thought.

Then *SPLAT*!

Reality sunk in. : )

November 18, 2010 at 9:51 pm 4 comments

Bark for Life 2010

Thank you to everyone who supported Henry at Bark for Life! Little Henry raised $167 for the American Cancer Society and in return mailed out five crocheted hats.  I am still struck and touched by the donations of blog readers I have never met in person.  Thanks so much for your continued interest and support in my causes!

With his donations secured, on September 11th Henry (along with Ryan, Jimmie and I) headed to Meyler Farms for the Bark for Life event. 

The event was great fun from beginning to end. Jimmie and Henry were far from the only attendants. A large variety of dogs showed up. They represented different breeds and different talents. Some dogs were good at looking cute. Some dogs were good at jumping through obstacles. One German Shepard was trained to respond only to commands in French. Oh la la!

Bark for Life -Ryan and Henry
Ryan and Henry at Bark for Life

Bark for Life -Perched Hound

Bark for Life -Woman Holds Dog

Bark for Life -Most Relay Handsome Dog - 1

Since this was a day event, instead of the typical Relay for Life candles and bags which thrive at night, colorful pinwheels served as the Luminaria.

Bark for Life - Luminaria

Throughout the day, they had a number of different contests…with prizes.  They had a costume contest, an award for the most Relay-spirited dog, a pet-owner look-a-like contest, a most handsome dog award and a timed obstacle course.

Bark for Life - Trophies
Prizes Waiting to be Claimed

Bark for Life - Costume Contest - Mimi Rogers as Turtle 3
Mimi Dressed as Turtle for the Costume Contest

Bark for Life -Lacey's Haircut
Lacie Showed Her Relay Spirit with a Pink Cancer Ribbon Haircut!

Bark for Life -Obstacle Race  11
Relay Co-Chair Debbie Morrisettes Runs the Obstacle Course with Rocky(?)

Bark for Life -Obstacle Race 7
This Owner Ran the Obstacle Course with Two Dogs at ONCE!

Jimmie’s Old
There was one downside to the event. It reminded me how much poor Jimmie has aged. When we were practicing for the obstacle course race, I came to a jump that was well within Jimmie’s abilities….. when he was young! I forgot all about the stiff and calculated manuevers he uses to get on the couch or how he can no longer get on the bed by himself or the times he tries to jump into the car and falls backwards onto the driveway. Instead I thought of the younger Jimmie, the spry one who could fly over the jump with ease. Without a second thought I hopped over the jump and encouraged Jimmie to do the same.

Bless his valiant heart. He tried. And he did a face plant right in the ground! The poor guy’s nose was covered in dirt.

Bark for Life -Jimmie's Old
Poor Jimmie

But he rebounded. Before long he was happy again and eating some homemade dog treats and sniffing things I wish he wouldn’t. And when it came time for the official timed run— I carried him over that jump. : )

Despite Jimmie’s faceplant, I think it is safe to say, we all had a splendid time. We look forward to next year’s Bark for Life! Till then, more pictures from Bark for Life 2010 can be found on my Flickr site.

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Dog Food Thief Forgiven!

These pictures from last night seem to indicate that Jimmie has forgiven Qubit for his past misdeeds.

Elizabeth City - Sleeping Jimmie and Qubit
Jimmie and Qubit

Elizabeth City - Drowsy Jimmie and Qubit Faces
Jimmie and Qubit

Aww… Forgiveness is so cute!

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Qubit the Dog Food Thief

A couple of quick pictures to share today. The kitten Qubit has taken a liking to dog food. This morning, he rushed over to Jimmie’s bowl and started devouring Jimmie’s breakfast. Qubit has picked his victim well– Jimmie is exactly the pushover who just sits there and lets it happen. That kind of behavior would never fly with Henry.


Elizabeth City - Qubit Eating Jimmie's Food
Jimmie Waiting for *His* Turn to Eat *His* Food

Elizabeth City - Jimmie's Breakfast Being Eaten by Qubit
Jimmie Appealing for Outside Assistance

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Clothed Dogs

The dogs are typically naked, but sometimes they do wear garments when they are hiking. During hunting season they wear something orange. Sometimes they have on bandannas and yes, sometimes in the cold, I put sweaters on them.

Hunter Proof Jimmie and Henry (Cropped)
Wearing Orange on the Prickly Pear Trail

Mann's Bog - Jimmie's Don't Shoot Me Outfit
Jimmie’s “Don’t Shoot Me Outfit” on Salt Pond Mountain

Henry in a Sweater at Falls Ridge (getting picked on by Zanz)

Bald Knob 2004: Jimmie
Jimmie in Bandanna on Bald Knob

Oh …and once after an ice storm– Jimmie wore a hoodie to warm back up.

Blacksburg - Jimmie in Hoodie
Jimmie in a Hoodie

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Happy Birthday, Jimmie Dog

Today my greyhound mix, Jimmie, turns twelve years old. Since he’s turned eleven, it has been an eventful year.

Jimmie watched as I packed and painted the Blacksburg house:

Craft Explosion - Jimmie and Crafts
Jimmie Helps Pack Crafts

As our possessions got sold and moved into storage, the poor dog had to scrounge for places to lay. But now, months later in a new state, he finally has a couch again!

Moving - Jimmie's Bed
Hunter Street - Jimmie, Khalif, Armani on CouchesNew Couch

New Friends
His new home has brought him new friends.

Elizabeth City - Hunter Street - Jimmie and Henry with Studying Kids
Qualik, Jacal, Tykee
Elizabeth City - Hunter Street - Jimmie (with Tongue) and Tykee

New Foods
He’s gotten to try new foods. Well, he’s gotten to try to try new foods.

Pig Pickin' - Chopping 7
Pig Pickin’
Jay's Birthday -  Ryan and Jimmie with Bone
Jay’s Birthday

New Scenery
He’s gotten to see new scenery!

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Jimmie Explores Swamp Merchant’s Millpond State Park
Merchant's Millpond State Park - Lassiter Swamp - Jimmie with Mossy Log Lassiter Swamp
Appomattox - Jimmie in Leaves Appomattox Nature Trail
Camden County Jeep Trail - Jimmie on Private Beach Camden County Jeep Trail
Bear Cliffs- Jimmie Looks at Trail Bear Cliffs
Lake Ridge Park Rowing - Jimmie Looks at Canoe Rowing at Lake Ridge
Newbold White House Recreation Trail - Jimmie in Cotton Field Newbold-White House
Douthat State Park - Blue Suck Falls Trail - Jimmie and Henry on Trails Douthat State Park

Old Scenery
Even with all that exploring, he’s gotten to visit some old favorites as well:

Wind Rocks - Dignified Jimmie Wind Rocks
Mountain Lake -  Jimmie Observes Mountain Lake
Sinking Creek Mountain - Top -  Jimmie Takes in View Sinking Creek Mountain
McAfee's Knob - Jimmie Looks at Lea McAfee’s Knob
Bald Knob - Jimmie Season Compare Bald Knob
Tinker Cliffs - Jimmie on Bridge Tinker Cliffs
Angel's Rest- Jimmie and Wilburn Valley View Angel’s Rest
Falls Ridge - Jimmie and Henry Look Falls Ridge
Rhododendron Gap - Jimmie on Windy Rock Mount Rogers

It’s been a great year!  I do believe young Jimmie has more adventures in a year than some people have in their entire lives!

Happy Birthday, Jimmie!

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Weekly Winners – March 1, 2009 – March 7, 2009

This week’s Weekly Winners is dominated by my older dog, Jimmie. He is a greyhound mix, will be twelve years old next month and managed to make into half of my favorite shots this week. Most of these are from an outing to Merchant’s Millpond State Park, North Carolina. The last one is from my front yard in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Enjoy!

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Jimmie Wades in Water
Jimmies Wades in Creek

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Lassiter Swamp - Jimmie with Mossy Log
Jimmie in Lassiter Swamp

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Baldcypress Trees and Knees in Algae (Close)
Baldcypress Trees and Knees in Merchant’s Millpond

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Black Vulture Looks Back
Black Vulture

Merchant's Millpond State Park - Baby Pine Grows Out of Hole
From Death Comes Life – A Baby Pine Grows Out of an Old Log

Elizabeth City - Hunter Street - Tykee on Bike, Jimmie Enjoys Weather
Tykee and Jimmie Enjoy a Spring Day

More pictures of Jimmie and Merchant’s Millpond State Park are available on my Flickr site. Also, be sure to check out more of this week’s Weekly Winners out at Sarcastic Mom!

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