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Recommended Viewing: Sankax’s Photostream on Flickr

I may not be blogging about them, but we are continue to accrue Family Hikes (about one a week). This past Sunday, we ran across a lovely insect called the Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculate). In searching for photos, I stumbled across Sankax’s Photostream on Flickr and I found myself captivated. If you would like to see some stunning insect photos (that are Creative Commons to boot), check it out.

A sampling:

Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)
Popillia japonica (Photo by Sankax)

Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis)
Tenodera sinensis (Photo by Sankax)

Grasshopper (Photo by Sankax)

June 25, 2014 at 9:49 am 2 comments

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