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We’re a 3D Printing Family now!

My husband has started learning 3D Modeling as well. He’s been experimenting with OpenJSCAD with a little bit of Blender. Two weeks ago, our very first 3D Printer arrived– a MakerGear M2.

Interestingly enough, our first projects on the printer were both dice-related. I used my model for the “Elements of Harmony Die” to learn about bridges and various print settings. Meanwhile, Ryan designed, printed, and constructed himself a Pachinko Dice Machine. It caught the attention of none other than Not bad for a first 3D printing project! Not bad at all.

3D Printing Family

If you happen to watch the embedded video in the article, you’ll get to see our youngest son demonstrate the machine. And if you look really closely, you’ll spot my left hand in some of the photos. : )


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