Remarkable Trees of Virginia

September 18, 2008 at 4:25 pm 17 comments

Remember the Remarkable Trees of Virginia project? The organizers of the project have traveled all across the state, logging thousands of miles, to visit and photograph notable trees. They considered over a thousand nominations as well as talked to arborists, naturalists, historians and layman, like myself, who just have a fancy for trees.

Now, all of their work is compiled into a beautiful coffee-table book!

It’s at available at Amazon, you can buy it directly from the University of Virginia Press, or if you are impatient like me, you can drive over to the Christiansburg Barnes and Noble and get a copy there.

When you do get your copy, turn to Page 78. The Appalachian Trail’s beautiful Keffer Oak made the cut! It appears in the “Community Trees” chapter:

When most of us think of community trees, we think of trees beloved by towns or cities whose residents value and protect them, but there are trees valued by communities defined more by shared experience than by home address.

[Keffer oak] is mentioned in trail guides, backpacking journals, and hiker’s blogs, and pictures of it pop up on the Internet with a frequency that would put many a beloved urban tree to shame.”

– Nancy Hugo Ross, Remarkable Trees of Virginia

Like all the other trees in the book, a photograph by Robert Llewellyn compliments the page. The shot catches a hiker and a dog walking by the tree.

That hiker is ME! That dog is HENRY! We were photographed there last October.

Henry and I are famous! And maybe, quite possibly, my underwear. 🙂 In the shot, my shirt has risen up in the back, exposing just a little bit of my midriff. Now I can’t tell for sure– but I do believe I spy a color change in the fabric around on my hips. I am also very familiar with the shorts that I’m wearing and well aware they tend to hang low. It is definitely feasible!

So there you go! This book can meet many different needs. If you want to read about and see some amazing trees, look at a beagle, see more pictures of me (afterall there are only 255 on my Flickr account) or if you are a mystery lover, you can get out your image enhancing software and decide if that is in fact my underwear!

Whatever your reason, I encourage all to buy this book!

It’s absolutely stunning!

(The book, not my underwear)

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