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Sagan on The Year of Living Unofficially #makeahatday

Yesterday, The Year of Living Unofficially celebrated Make a Hat Day. If I had free time it would have been a good excuse to crochet Sagan a hat just in time for sock hat season. But I don’t even have time to shower every day! : )

Ryan suggested that we make Sagan a little hat out of newspaper. That I could fit in waiting for my decaf coffee to brew. Afterward, we did a little mini photo shoot of Sagan in his new hat.

Britt and Chris ended up giving a Sagan photo a prominent spot on their Make a Hat Day post. Be sure to check out their full post to read and see the hats they created for the day!

Sagan - Year of Living
Sagan on The Year of Living Unofficially

P.S. More Sagan Make a Hat Day pictures can be found on my Flickr site.

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Yuri’s Night and National Sibling Day

In one weekend, I had two adventures that were already covered in other blogs, so I can just ride their coattails!

Yuri’s Night
On Saturday, April 9th, Ryan and I took the Metro up to Rosslyn, Virginia to attend an “Out of This World Party” that was celebrating Yuri’s Night, an annual dance celebration of Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. This year, Yuri’s Night was particularly meaningful because it’s the 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight.

Ryan wrote up a full recap and even disclosed Ska Band Eastern Standard Time‘s ingenius Tetris-inspired ploy to cox people out onto the dance floor!

Here is my only addition.  I LOVE dancing and that night, I found myself 5 1/2 months pregnant doing what I love.  Dancing….with my husband…. surrounded by robots and ET (who was drinking a beer).

How lucky am I?!?!

Dance Floor
Yuri’s Night Dancing!

National Sibling Day
I wrote earlier about my friends celebrating a holiday every day in 2011 on their blog The Year of Living Unofficially.  They are still going strong!  On April 10th, they had their National Siblings Day celebration.  Because my sister and I are… well, sisters, we got to come along!  That meant Pregnant Vicky not only got an afternoon of good company… but she got a pizza buffet and a ice cream sundae bar as well! Even the sketchy scoring Skeeball machine (100’s were scored as 40. 40’s were scored as 20. 20’s were scored as 0) could not dampen the festivities. Brittany and Chris wrote up a full recap of the day on their blog.

20110410 0 - 1545ish - National Siblings Day - Vicky, Carolyn, Chris (bg)
National Siblings Day!

Once again, how lucky am I?  : )

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Happy Café au Lait Day!

Thanks to The Year of Living Unofficially, I was made aware that February 17 is National Café au Lait Day. So this morning, Ryan and I whipped out our French Press for the first time this pregancy (to make decaffeinated coffee, of course!). We cheated a bit and used half and half instead of steamed milk, but our hearts were in the right place.

We have beautiful spring weather today, so as water boiled and dishes were done, we had the screen doors open letting in fresh air and the sounds of happy birds (who were apparently unaware of the three cats in their vicinity).

Even without coffee, I start each morning with a Longaberger coffee mug my paternal Grandmother gave me some time ago for Christmas and thus I start each morning with thoughts of her. Today was no different. Whenever I use the French Press, I think of my Aunt and Uncle in Maryland who always rave about their French Press….and I think of my younger brother who is to blame for their passion. He gave them their first French Press as a Christmas present! When I fetched our Half and Half from the fridge, I was greeted with a picture of my maternal grandmother, now 11 years deceased, with one of my cousins on her lap.

National Cafe Au Lait Day
Longaberger Coffee Mug, Half & Half, French Press

On the surface, Cafe au Lait Day sure sounded like such a simple holiday. And our celebration itself was brief– our beverages were consumed in no more than 30 minutes. But it was the simple, brief pleasures that made my morning– fresh air, thoughts of family and delicious, rich coffee*.

*Yeah, in the last three months, I had forgotten how very very very delicious French Press coffee is! 🙂

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Hunter Street Happenings – Week of January 16, 2011

Phew!  We had a busy week with a few extracurricular activities.  Enjoy!

Tuesday – Science Fair

On Tuesday night, Tyrek came over and finished up his report and backboard for the J.C. Sawyer Science Fair.

Tyrek Science Fair - Tyrek Gluing Items on Backboard
Tyrek Gluing Backboard

Tyrek Science Fair - Backboard, Plants and Report
Final Layout

I was feeling pretty good about Tyrek’s project. Then on Wednesday morning when Ryan and I dropped the project off at J.C. Sawyer Elementary, we got a glimpse of the handiwork of Tyrek’s classmates. Man, all of those kids worked really hard and some of them got super creative with decorating the backboards. Tyrek and the philodendrons have some stiff competition! : )

Thursday – Relay for Life Team Meeting
On Thursday, the Pasquotank/Camden Relay for Life had their Team Captain’s Meeting. Khalif and Terrance came with me. Khalif even got to spin the prize wheel and won a hat. Both boys were very helpful. Khalif got some people registered online, Terrance took some pictures for the recap and both helped the committee members pack up their cars. Since the meeting, Khalif and his grandmother have already raised $35 more dollars for Relay. Go Hunter Street Hope!

Relay for Life Team Captain Meeting - Prize Wheel
Prize Wheel in Action!

Saturday – National Blonde Brownie Day
The Year of Living Unofficially tipped us off that January 23rd was National Blonde Brownie Day. Early in the day, Ryan and I perused and picked out a Blonde Brownie recipe. That afternoon we made ourselves a special treat to enjoy after our supper of turkey chili.

National Blonde Brownie Day - Ryan Eats Brownie
Ryan Eats a Brownie

The brownies turned out to be quite serendiptious. At 3 AM, I had to get up for a support call. This exceedingly unappealing activity had a surprising silver lining. I may have had to get out of bed. BUT— I had leftover brownies to assist me!

National Blonde Brownie Day - They Are Even Better at 3 AM!
Blonde Brownies are Even Better at 3:31 AM EST

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Blog Recommendation: The Year of Living Unofficially

  • Ryan and I have friends, Brittany and Chris, who are going to celebrate a holiday every day in 2011.  They’ve researched and found quirky, off-the-beaten-path holidays, stuff like “National Drinking Straw Day” and “National Bubble Bath Day”.  Their blog, “The Year of Living Unofficially“, shows the upcoming holidays and each evening they recap the day’s celebration.  Although we are only 12 days into 2011, I’m pretty confident they are going to stick to it.  Last week the wife contracted the stomach flu, but they still managed to observe “National Bird Day”!

Ryan and I have been enjoying the blog.  When an “unofficial” holiday catches our eye, we’ve been celebrating it too.  Well, sort of.  Our “observances” so far:

  • January 2 – National Science Fiction Day
    We watched the recently restored version of Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent film masterpiece “Metropolis“.
  • January 3 – National Drinking Straw Day
    I made it a point to wish my boss a “Happy Drinking Straw Day”.  He despises what he calls “Sissy Sticks” and his reaction brought me much joy. : )
  • January 5 – National Bird Day
    I took a few moments to sit outside and enjoy the birds in our yard.  I also reflected on all the opreys Ryan and I saw kayaking this year.
  • January 6 – National Cudde Up Day
    YES!  Fleece pants, toe socks, a warm comforter (the dragon blanket) and Star Trek Voyager episodes on DVD made this unofficial especially relaxing.
  • January 7 – National Tempura Day
    Ryan was manning Earth 383 for Friday Night Magic.  I picked up Toyama’s and we feasted on tempura while watching the shop!
  • January 8 – National Bubble Bath Day
    I did a very thorough cleaning of our bath tub… to empower future bubble baths!  : )
  • January 10 – National Clean Off Your Desk Day
    I had cleaned my desk the week before, but Ryan went ahead cleaned off his that day.  Since a lot of the items on his desk turned out to be my stuff, I believe I’m going to have to clean off my desk again soon.  : )

Note: The holiday name is linked to Brittany and Chris’s celebration, which is more elaborate than ours!  🙂

Anyway, we’ve been having fun reading about all Brittany and Chris’s adventures and discovering holidays we never knew existed.  I definitely recommend the site!  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

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