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You Must Assimilate to My Tastes

My cousin’s Facebook site list her favorite books as:

Slaughterhouse 5, Cat’s Cradle. (Both by Kurt Vonnegut)

I couldn’t help but recall– those were books I got her for Christmas a few years ago!  I told her I approved of her selection and she wrote back in jest:

Hehe, I owe it all to a cool person who introduced me to those books. I don’t remember who it was…. 😛

I guess my purchases to share my tastes with others are not limited to outdoor hobbies.

Now that I think of it, one year I got Ryan Schutt the game Taboo for Christmas.  Taboo is a game I LOVE (but actually don’t own).  Though…I’m not sure if that was as a successful purchase as the Vonnegut books.  I know we played once when Sean, Ryan and I lived in an apartment together (I believe Stacy was involved in that session as well).  But I don’t know if its seen much action since then.

Two years ago, I got Carolyn a purple mini sharpie…. which just so happened to match the green mini sharpie I had attached to my keychain.  Perhaps the same year, I got Carolyn toe socks— a staple of my own relaxation warddrobe.

After I got married and fell in love with a juicer some co-workers gave us, a couple of people on my Christmas list mysteriously received…. juicers!  Like Taboo, I’m not sure how effective a gift it was to others– there is a lot of cleanup involved, so a juicer is not for everyone.  Me, I’m not deterred.  I still love the gift– especially the fresh carrot apple juice it provides. 

This is an interesting pattern that is emerging.  I might have to reflect on this more.  At the moment, it appears my biggest inspiration for gifts, may be…. me! 

January 25, 2007 at 12:26 am 2 comments

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