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Poison Ivy Has SEX?!?!

You know, when I think of notorious men in history, I don’t think about them having sex. Even though Hitler palled around with hottie Eva Braun, I don’t think of him getting it on. Saddam Hussein actually had children, proof positive of conception, and still I don’t picture him in the throes of passion.

In my mind, I guess I assume that evil entities would devote all their energy to their cause. They would be so focused on spreading discomfort and pain, they wouldn’t have any time to focus on anything else.

And such is the case of Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans). It certainly makes sense that it has to propagate somehow. It certainly makes sense that it would do so through sexual reproduction.

Still, two weeks ago when I stumbled upon a batch of poison ivy sporting green and yellow flowers, I stopped dead in my tracks and was dumbfounded, “Wait a second…Poison Ivy actually has sex?!?!?!!”

You learn something new every day!

Things I Don't Picture Having Sex
Things I Don’t Picture Having Sex – Hitler and Poison Ivy

April 30, 2010 at 4:11 pm 4 comments

Sex and the NEMO Science Center

Early on in our Netherlands trip, Ryan Somma and I noted the credit card receipts didn’t have a line item for “Tip”. Solution? We started carrying around cash so we were able to leave an extra 20% to our wait staff. So it turns out there is a reason the credit card receipts were different. There was already a service charge automatically added to the bill! That was probably the most expensive cultural difference we ran across. Zwarte Piet was definitely the most perplexing cultural difference. The cultural difference that was most interesting… and inspiring… is the open attitude towards sex.

And I’m not talking about the famous Red Light District with the sex shops, the peep shows and the window ladies. I’m talking about what you can see in the NEMO Science Center— the children’s museum.

The exhibits were not squeamish about nudity and did not shy away from the topic of sex. On the nudity front, you could see it throughout the museum. One of the many optical illusions on display asked viewers if they could see lovers or dolphins. A great “Bizarre and Beautiful” exhibit displayed photographs to show how beauty varies from culture to culture.

What do you see? Dolphins or lovers? (If you have trouble spotting the dolphins click on the picture to see Flickr notes)

Bizarre and Beautiful Display

Another exhibit allowed you to press a button and see how different hormones and proteins sounded if they were translated to music. Next to each item there was a representation so you could see what you were playing. So say for example you were playing the DNA of a mosquito. Next to the button was a mosquito. One of the musical scores was the “Human Sex Hormone”. For that representation, they simply put two naked dolls on top of each other.

Human Sex Hormone

And then we got to the third floor which featured more detailed exhibits geared towards teenagers. They had a display demonstrating sexual positions.

Sexual Position Displays at the NEMO Science Center

They had multiple displays on contraceptives, including novelty condoms.

Novelty condoms at the NEMO Science Center

The museum is a hands-on museum. What kind of hands on display can you do with sex? Hmm…How about allowing two children to move giant tongues to simulate a French Kiss?

Hands on display for French Kissing

A cartoon movie explaining the changes of puberty featured a confused cartoon boy ejaculating.

The befuddled cartoon boy on the left is ejaculating. Obviously he hadn’t visited the NEMO Science Center when he was younger.

They even had a booth were you could put on headphones and watch snippets from Beautiful Agony, a site which captures the human orgasm… from the neck up.

Explanation of “The Little Death” with still shots from Beautiful Agony

With so much talk about sex, surely the teenagers must be running wild in the Netherlands. It’s got to be worse than any invasive species– their teen birth rate must be through the roof!

NOPE! According to a 2001 Unicef report, their births per 1000 women, ages 15-19 was 6.2. Ours– 52.1, over 8 times as much.

Oh gawd, silly me. Of course! The reason their birth rate is so low is there are more abortions!

NOPE! Their teen abortion rate per 1000 women, ages 15 – 19 was 3.9. Ours — 30.2. That’s 7 times higher.

United States
Births per 1000, women ages 15-19 52.1 6.2
Abortions per 1000, women ages 15-19 30.2 3.9

Numbers from a 2001 Unicef Report

As a recap:

Easy and encouraged access to information to make knowledgeable decisions.
Less teen births.
Less teen abortions.

What exactly is the drawback here?

I may have my doubts and reservations about the Dutch’s Zwarte Piet, but not their attitute towards sex. I left the NEMO Science Center with a great respect for their culture.

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December 11, 2008 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Henry: Not as Popular as Butt Sex

As you may know, I’ve been uploading my pictures to Flickr.  The opening page provides stats on your pictures.  How often they’ve been viewed, how many comments and notes and so forth.  Normally my pictures get a very meager response between 6 – 17 views.  If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get in the 20s.

Well, two recent pictures (the one of Henry with injured Sean and the one of the Butt Sex Rock) are breaking that mold.  Henry providing support to Sean’s leg has pulled in 60 views.

BUT, the “I Love Butt Sex” rock has pulled in 82.

Maybe Henry can gain some ground over the next couple of days.  But for now…. it appears poor Henry is out of his league when it comes to butt sex.

January 8, 2007 at 4:17 pm 1 comment

Heartwarming Graffiti for the Holidays

When Alex, Brian and I were appreciating the benefit of powerlines, we ran across some touching graffiti in the woods.  Keeping with the generous spirit that accompanies the holidays, I thought I would share:

“The Bear Family”

Brian Nenninger saw this one first and he couldn’t contain his emotion.

“Aww,” he said, “An entire family defacing together.  How sweet.”

Then of course, there is this heartwarming gem:

“I Love Butt Sex”

January 2, 2007 at 12:36 am 1 comment

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