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Web Pages With a Lot of Work

Having a history in web development, I’m very used to my milestones being measured in the terms of web pages.

Now, there are times were there is a whole lot of effort behind a single web page. I have had “push weeks” where we plug away for 80+ hours. I’ve had all nighters. I’ve had months of writing behind-the-scenes business logic between support calls.  Even webpages with static content can go through a long series of design iterations and debates before a look is settled on.

Sometimes, I think the end result is deceptive.  When you look at a webpage, you don’t quite get a feel for all the work that went into it.

This screen may look like a simple form, but the prerequisite database design, business logic and user controls took months to complete before this page could even be started.

The “Featured Webcasts” section above took two different design resources, three iterations before this director’s clapboard theme was chosen.  

This week, I have run across the ultimate example.  I didn’t even write this webpage, but believe me, a LOT of work went into this real estate listing:

My parent’s house is now officially on the market, complete with pictures of the house!

Behind the scenes of this listing– the work of an entire family and two helpful neighbors.  Painting, cleaning, caulking, furniture rearranging, rug removal and there was even a drape hemming effort at 1 AM.  We ended with an array of damaged clothing (I learned that caulk does NOT come of out jeans…or hair) and fingernails.  And we have three dogs that still sport caked paint on their feet and flanks.

It’s definitely one of the webpages I have worked the hardest on.  And when I look at the house now and see how great it looks in the listing, it’s also one of the webpages I’m most proud of.

P.S. If anyone is looking for a beautiful 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath house with an elevator and jacuzzi tub, all within walking distance of Historic Occoquan, be sure to check out the full listing.

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