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Qubit’s First Anniversary on Hunter Street!

A year ago today, Ryan taught the final class for the Computer Literacy Program and a little black kitten showed up on our deck afterwards. Despite our claims of taking him to the SPCA, the kitten ended up part of our household.

So happy one year anniversary to the egg-nog drinking, Christmas ornament batting, grapefruit chasing, dog food stealing, adoreably forgivable Qubit!

I wanted this post to be accompanied by never before seen (on the blog) Qubit pictures. It turns out that was harder than I thought. It seems I don’t take a lot of pictures of Qubit, but I managed to scrounge some shots up. Luckily there is no relationship between the quantity of pictures and the magnitude of my affection for the cat. He’s one of my favorites. : )

20091225 - Clint (bg), Qubit - (by Dad) - 4255656988_f5b19fc967_o
Qubit Yawning (Photo by Vic L)

Qubit Models Hat
Qubit Modeling a Crochet Hat for Henry’s Bark for Life

Elizabeth City Snow - Qubit and Tree
Qubit’s First Snow

Elizabeth City Snow - Tyrek and Qubit 2
Qubit and Tyrek

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Dog Food Thief Forgiven!

These pictures from last night seem to indicate that Jimmie has forgiven Qubit for his past misdeeds.

Elizabeth City - Sleeping Jimmie and Qubit
Jimmie and Qubit

Elizabeth City - Drowsy Jimmie and Qubit Faces
Jimmie and Qubit

Aww… Forgiveness is so cute!

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Qubit the Dog Food Thief

A couple of quick pictures to share today. The kitten Qubit has taken a liking to dog food. This morning, he rushed over to Jimmie’s bowl and started devouring Jimmie’s breakfast. Qubit has picked his victim well– Jimmie is exactly the pushover who just sits there and lets it happen. That kind of behavior would never fly with Henry.


Elizabeth City - Qubit Eating Jimmie's Food
Jimmie Waiting for *His* Turn to Eat *His* Food

Elizabeth City - Jimmie's Breakfast Being Eaten by Qubit
Jimmie Appealing for Outside Assistance

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Fun with Grapefruits

This past weekend, we discovered the kitten Qubit fancies things from the compost pile. He started off by batting around the tops of carrots. He also proved to be fond of pouncing on old potatoes.

When Jacal and Jamontae came over, they learned that most of all, Qubit likes to chase grapefruits. The boys took turns throwing old grapefruits around the yard and the little black kitten would invariably sprint after it. Grapefruits are often part of diet regimens. Who knew they could promote exercise as well!

Elizabeth City - Jacal and Qubit Playing Fetch (Cropped)
Jacal Throws Grapefruits for Qubit to Chase

When one of those grapefruits hit the deck, look what Jamontae discovered. A Pac Man in “Nature”!!!

Elizabeth City - Jamontae with Pac Man Grapefruit
Waka Waka Waka

Conclusion: Brussel Sprouts aren’t the only food that can be fun.

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Introducing… Qubit

After our final Computer Literacy class, I went outside with two of the kids to walk the dogs and harvest pecans. Before we got off the porch, a little black whiny kitten approached. It was rather cold out, so we decided to let the kitten spend one night in the house. When I took him inside, some of the students started to celebrate the fact that Ryan and I had a new pet.

Computer Literacy - Final Test - Jacal and Kitten
Jacal with Kitten

Ryan and I both spent time trying to squelch that notion.

“He’s just spending the night and then we are taking him to the SPCA”

“Don’t get attached. He’s just spending the night.”

“No– he’s just here for one night.”

Meanwhile, the kitten quickly showed he was fond of dogs. As Jimmie sniffed the newcomer, the kitten started to purr and rub his face on Jimmie’s snout.

Elizabeth City - Kitten (by Vick)

A few days later, nine year old Tyrek stopped by to chat. In mid sentence he stopped.

“Vicky,” he said, “That kitten is still here.”

Robotically I recited our standard response, “We’re taking to him to the SPCA.” Tyrek got a big knowing grin on his face. Heck, by that time, I didn’t even sound convincing to myself!

Soon after that, we succumbed and gave the kitten a name. Since he showed up during the Computer Literacy class on The Future, we named him after a concept discussed in the lecture. We started to call him “Qubit”.

A few days later, it Christmas time. We packed the dogs and the kitten up in the car and started making family visits. The kitten further demonstrated his love of dogs by curling up into a tiny, black ball in between Jimmie and Henry in the back seat.

I believe it was in Slapstick and possibly also Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut talked about an African culture where when a new baby was born, the parents would spend months traveling around the country, so the baby could meet all of its extended family. The little kitten went on a similar tour. First we stopped by Ryan’s family’s house in Virginia Beach where Qubit was ogled over and pampered. Then we went to my parents’ house in Occoquan… where Qubit was ogled over and pampered. 🙂

Christmas 2009 - Vic, Becky and Qubit, Clint and Lemonjello
Qubit Gets Pets and Attention

Christmas 2009 - Timmy, Qubit, Eggnog
Qubit Gets Eggnog

Qubit seemed to enjoy Christmas quite a bit. Still not intimidated in the least by dogs, he didn’t shy from my Mom’s giant yellow lab, Sunny, and he spent a lot of time playing with a miniature pincher named Willy. Willy and Qubit took turns chasing a laser pointer. Qubit and Willy also teamed up against the Christmas Tree. Qubit would climb up it and occasionally bat an ornament off. Waiting Willy would then snatch it up and run off with it. 🙂

Christmas 2009 - Qubit Attacks Ornament
Qubit in a Christmas Tree

By the time the holiday was over, there was no denying it.

Ryan and I had a new kitten!

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