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Gatewood Lake and McDonald’s

Today, Ann and I took her kids to Gatewood Lake for some paddleboating.  I love Gatewood Reservior.  It is off Exit 94 on I-81 in Pulaski.  Unlike the nearby Claytor Lake, the only motorized traffic permitted are ones with electric motors.  As a result, there is barely any activity on the lake and it is very quiet and secluded.  It is like having your own private lake.

We arrived and the lake was as beautiful as usual.   Unfortunately, it was too windy for paddleboats (according to the attendent).  This could have been a great disappointment for Penn had it not been for…. McDonald’s!  Yup, all sadness about paddleboats was quickly replaced by excitement of eating lunch at McDonald’s.  It was reminiscent of my Grandpa’s reaction to McDonald’s.  What power that franchise has to bring such joy to children and elderly. 

Before lunch, we did take some time to walk around and enjoy the beauty of Gatewood Lake.  Some pictures are below:

Calm and Quiet Gatewood Lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains

Penn poses on the docks at Gatewood Lake

Dogwoods at Gatewood Lake

Paddleboats or no paddleboats, it was a fun outing.  I even enjoyed my first McDonald’s burger since May of 2004 (when a bank holiday in France left no other choice).

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