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Painting Frenzy

Yesterday, Juliann Poff, her son Benjamin, and I made a trip up to Moneta, Virginia to help the Pinkertons paint their hallways and stairwell.  It looked like a daunting task.  There was a great deal of decorative trim to paint around and we had to take down some wall paper as well.  But teamwork proved to be effective and we knocked the whole task out in three or four hours! 

Some quick journal excerpts on the adventure:

 At first I fretted about our sloppy handiwork.  Then I realized it was only sloppy compared to Barbara Herrala (an impeccable painter!)  In many places, we could see misplaced paint or missed spots from the past TWO paint jobs!  Frequently I was trying to dab up a spill to discover it had been there for years!

Well there were some accidents we couldn’t blame on the previous owners of the house:

At one point I went to fetch a chair and I noticed I tracked paint into the kitchen.  My sandals had paint on the soles!  I removed them– but quickly got paint on my feet!  Even though the end result was the same (I had paint on me) when it was on my feet, I could feel the dampness and I knew it was there.  I knew to be more cautious.

My feet weren’t the only body part to get paint on it:

We also painted the ceiling.  That was the toughest work.  Especially upstairs where the temperature was noticeably warmer.  But as hard as it was, when I painted the ceiling there was a refreshing cool mist that descended my way.  I knew what it was — PAINT!  But it was so refreshing, I kept with it.  At the end of the day, my face and hair were littered with delicate little white specs.

Anyway, it probably doesn’t sound like fun, but it really was!  Even the drive was filled with good conversation and went by quickly. 

Plus we got free pizza and sweet tea!  

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