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High School Photography Class

Today I ran across my notebook from a black and white photography class I took in high school during the spring of 1993.  It’s a shame so many schools are cutting back on the arts.  I found these photographs to be much more interesting than the sterile similiarity provided by yearbook photos.  Some observations:

Things That I Love
I’m sure I was on some kind of assignment regarding light and composition or the like, but the subjects of the photos often reflected items I loved:

My Sister

My Brother (left)

My Cat


I Had Laid Back Friends
I had some very agreeable friends back then.  For some of the pictures, I tried to imagine myself approaching my contemporary social circle with a similiar request.  I expect I would have very little luck.  For example, here is Chad Day at a playground near my house.

Chad (aka Bill) on the jungle gym

I can’t even convince Sean to smile for a picture on the U.S.S. Constitution…or at my company picnic.  Can you imagine his face if I approached him with, “Say I have an idea!  Climb up on that jungle gym and hang upside down.” 

A Secret Fetish?
I also learned a few little lessons about myself looking at these pictures.  I seemed to like people, particularly my sister, staring off in space.  I had a lot of close-ups.  And….apparently I really liked guys laying on the ground with theirs arms behind their heads.  I had THREE of those: 

Kevin Pick

Todd Eidam (aka Skylar Youngblood)

John Harding (aka Wishy)

All my pictures that I scanned from my high school photography class are available on my Flickr site.

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