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Frivolous Lawsuits

The news this week of Roy Pearson’s 65 Million Dollar Suit for a Missing Pair of Pants reminded me of something one of my relatives wrote when he first arrived in America.  He spoke on the cultural differences he discovered, including how lawsuit-happy his new country was:

Of course, there are such as abuse of the freedom. The law makes the children their own master when they are 21 years old, and let no father ever forget it.  If he should see fit to give his boy a spanking, the boy is liable to sue his father and the father will be imprisoned.  Indeed an incident like that occurred a few weeks ago.  The pitiable father of such an unnatural son was a German.

That passage was written by Eduard Fenderich.  He was my great-great-great-great grandfather.  He penned those thoughts in 1829 in his diary of his immigration from Switzerland to the U.S.  If this ancestor of mine thought a son suing a father over a spanking was an abuse of freedom, imagine just how incredibly ridiculous Roy Pearson’s lost pants would seem.

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