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Sagan and Aunt Carolyn

Sagan’s Aunt Carolyn is a little leary of babies. She’s not a big fan and doesn’t plan on reproducing herself. She met Sagan when he was just five days old and had to be coaxed to hold him.

Sagan - Day Five - Aunt Carolyn and Sagan
We Made Aunt Carolyn Hold Sagan

During her visit, the most common words she used were “Ew” and “Gross”. Example:

Carolyn: What’s that by his diaper?
Vicky: That’s his umbilical cord.
Carolyn: Ew! Gross!

Interestingly enough, the same visit was accompanied by explosive dog diarrhea. That did not solicit an “ew” nor a “gross” from Aunt Carolyn. Instead it provoked a laughing fit. : )

Chart: Most Common Words From Aunt Carolyn's First Visit
Aunt Carolyn’s Most Commonly Used Words During Her First Visit

Despite her vocabulary, I have uncovered strong evidence that Aunt Carolyn is actually a rather strong Sagan fan.

  • She’s done quite a bit of shopping for Sagan– getting him an Eeyore doll, light up shoes AND baby hiking boots.
  • When I was pregnant, Aunt Carolyn was very protective of me, instructing me not to slip on the leaves in her front yard, worrying about me falling executing my pregnant leg-shaving technique and fretting when she accidently collided with my belly.
  • Now that Sagan’s born, she worries about his well-being, reminding others, “Watch his neck.” and “Don’t drop him!”

But perhaps the most telling evidence started via email. After her first Ew-Gross filled visit, I got an email with the simple subject line “will you come visit me” and the first line of her email was “and bring Sagan?”

So yesterday morning, Mom and I loaded up Sagan in his carseat and headed over to my sister’s work for a visit. When we arrived at her work area, we were surprised to find her wall sporting four large Sagan pictures. It turns out Aunt Carolyn had a little “Sagan Shrine” by her desk!

Sagan - Day Twenty-Seven - Carolyn and Shrine
Carolyn and her Sagan Shrine

Aww… she loves that “gross” little thing! 🙂

August 9, 2011 at 9:48 am 4 comments

Yuri’s Night and National Sibling Day

In one weekend, I had two adventures that were already covered in other blogs, so I can just ride their coattails!

Yuri’s Night
On Saturday, April 9th, Ryan and I took the Metro up to Rosslyn, Virginia to attend an “Out of This World Party” that was celebrating Yuri’s Night, an annual dance celebration of Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. This year, Yuri’s Night was particularly meaningful because it’s the 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight.

Ryan wrote up a full recap and even disclosed Ska Band Eastern Standard Time‘s ingenius Tetris-inspired ploy to cox people out onto the dance floor!

Here is my only addition.  I LOVE dancing and that night, I found myself 5 1/2 months pregnant doing what I love.  Dancing….with my husband…. surrounded by robots and ET (who was drinking a beer).

How lucky am I?!?!

Dance Floor
Yuri’s Night Dancing!

National Sibling Day
I wrote earlier about my friends celebrating a holiday every day in 2011 on their blog The Year of Living Unofficially.  They are still going strong!  On April 10th, they had their National Siblings Day celebration.  Because my sister and I are… well, sisters, we got to come along!  That meant Pregnant Vicky not only got an afternoon of good company… but she got a pizza buffet and a ice cream sundae bar as well! Even the sketchy scoring Skeeball machine (100’s were scored as 40. 40’s were scored as 20. 20’s were scored as 0) could not dampen the festivities. Brittany and Chris wrote up a full recap of the day on their blog.

20110410 0 - 1545ish - National Siblings Day - Vicky, Carolyn, Chris (bg)
National Siblings Day!

Once again, how lucky am I?  : )

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My Sister, Myself and Our Underwear on

My underwear makes a small cameo in the book “Remarkable Trees of Virginia”. Now it has a more prominent placement on! The site shares a slideshow called “Little Girls Across the Country Unleash Their Inner Wonder Woman“. Picture #10 is my sister and myself. Enjoy!

Screenshot - Carolyn and Vicky as Wonderwoman on
Carolyn and I as Wonder Woman

(Hat Tip, Clint!)

July 27, 2010 at 12:33 pm 3 comments

My Sister Rules!

My sister rules. Over the summer, she snuck my name onto Angel’s postcard list. Year after year she tackles the organization of the Assateague Island Camping trip which is one of the highlights of my year. And now I got an early Christmas present! My lovely sister donated money to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in my name.

Thank you, Carolyn! I love you!

And I love you too, Appalachian Trail.

P.S. Cory and Emily donated money in my name last year! Does two years in a row constitute a streak?

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Cookie Decorating 2008

As I’ve mentioned in previous years, my family has a tradition of making and decorating Christmas cookies the day after Thanksgiving. This year may have been the year my mother has been waiting for. Instead of bloody amputees, BEOTCH Christmas trees or the army of butts we saw in 2007, we actually had an impressive inventory of “nice” cookies. Pretty butterflies, unicorns and ice cream cone cookies outnumbered the typical designs.

This year’s cookies featured butterflies instead of butts!

More pleasantly themed cookies

But, of course, we did have some unique appearances sneak in- DNA, Hydrogen Atoms, geek bunnies, monsters and a Kurt Cobain Cookie.

Monster Bunny, DNA, Hydrogen Atom

Kurt Cobain Cookie– with cigarette!

I tried to make an AT Logo and an American Chestnut Leaf, but both of those ventures didn’t come out well, particular the leaf. When it cooked, the cookie expanded and all my great American Chestnut teeth plumped up and rounded out.  So after the oven had its way, I was left with a Chestnut Oak Leaf instead.

Meh. An attempt at an AT Christmas Cookie

2008 was one of our more heavily attended cookie decoratings. This year we had Aaron, Meagan, Jay, Jacqueline, Mom, myself, Carolyn, Ryan Somma, Kipp, Stacy, Louise, Jenn (the bridesmaid I got to escort!), Christina and I think our youngest attendee to date– Oliver!

Stacy, Christina and Louise cut cookies

Meagan, Ryan, Mom, Me, Christina, Stacy, Louise (Photo by ae) – Note if you look at the large version, you can see I have icing on my face!

Louise, Stacy, Kipp decorating cookies

My brother prepares to decorate…by wearing latex gloves!

The youngest attendee – Oliver (shortly before Sunny stole his cookie)

As always, I enjoyed our annual cookie decorating event and I particularly enjoyed ingesting our lovely handiwork.

Additional Pictures
My Cookie Decorating Pictures
Aaron’s Cookie Decorating Pictures

December 7, 2008 at 8:28 pm 4 comments

Vicky the Wedding Ringer

I **LOVE** weddings! I really, really do. I enjoy watching the ceremony. I enjoy believing in happy endings. I enjoy witnessing all the touching moments throughout the day. I’m a huge fan of the Father Daughter Dance. And then there are my favorite parts– dancing and cake!

Because of my great affection for weddings, I make a great ringer. Don’t have a date? Ask me! I’ll go! I’ve gone to at least four weddings where I didn’t even know the bride *or* groom and still had a fantastic time. Hey, when you don’t know anyone you can be all the more liberated on the dance floor! 😉

This past weekend, my lovely sister tapped into my services and took me to her boss’s wedding. I’m happy to report that divorce does not dampen my appreciation for a good wedding. I had a splendid time!

One thing that was impressive and unique about this particular event was all the singing. Songs were performed by guests not only at the ceremony, but throughout the reception as well. It was a great showcase of local talent.

Oh… and there were THREE different cakes.

And broccoli salad!

Can’t get much better than that! 🙂

My beautiful date, Carolyn, and I

A singer performs during the ceremony

Dancers perform at the wedding ceremony!

One of the many guests who sung for the bride and groom at the reception

THREE different types of cake!

The hood ornament on the bride and groom’s departure car.

More pictures of Felicia and Lawrence’s Wedding can be found on my Flickr site.

August 20, 2008 at 10:31 am 9 comments

How to Make Vicky’s Day 101

  1. Send me a surprise postcard.
  2. Extra credit if it is from a National Park
  3. More extra credit if you mention camping.
  4. Finally, on the postcard document just how well my sister knows me!

Some friends I know through camping and Flickr, Angel and Ian, are currently out west, exploring this great country. Up to this point, I had only been following their adventures on Twitter. But today, I checked the mail and found a postcard from the traveling couple! They’ve never been to my house. They don’t know where I live. A sneaky sibling of mine had slipped them my address before they left. Too cool!

What made my day – May 15, 2008

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sister? 🙂

May 15, 2008 at 1:35 pm 7 comments

Vicky the Wedding Photographer

Well, I’ve already been a groomsman, so now it is time for me to try out a new wedding role.  Photographer… er… at least Co-Photographer.

On April 19, 2008, my friend Deanna and I will be taking photographs at Larry’s youngest daughter’s wedding.  Deanna used to be the official photographer for all the social events at my old company, so she has some related experience under her belt.  As for me, hopefully my ability of taking pictures of hiking dogs will translate over effectively.

I did take some personal pictures at Stacy’s wedding.  Though, Carolyn noticed a trend that would unnerve most brides:

“Something’s wrong with these pictures.  Where are Louise & Stacy?  ;)”

Out of all the pictures I had in the set called “Stacy and Louise’s Wedding“, I didn’t have a single picture of the bride *or* the groom!  I had a lot of pictures of all the groomsman (myself included), adoreable little Addie, my sister and I even had pictures of the cake.  Just none of Stacy or Louise.  That’s all. 

Distribution of Appearences in Vicky’s Photo Set

So come April, I’ll try to rectify that.  I’ll take a few shots of the happy couple.  Just a few.

(Hundred that is)

March 15, 2008 at 1:24 pm 5 comments

Rock Star Party

Last week while I was at my parent’s house, I received a text message from my sister.

wanna go to a rock star party on saturday?

In other words, a party where we were supposed to dress up as rock stars. Sounded fun, but I barely had an ample supply of underwear on hand, let alone “rock star garb.”

So what do you do if you are out of town, have limited items in your suitcase and you suddenly get invited to a Rock Star Party?

Raid your parents’ closet, of course!

I have a father who goes to goth clubs and a mother with much better footwear taste than I. The two of them supplied some key components to my outfit. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the full assemble, but I do have a pen and a scanner, so here is a drawing:

Vicky is only hip because of her parents

Sadly, I have to admit that even if I were home with full access to my own closet, my concoction would have been lame. I rode the coattails of coolness… of… my… parents!!!

And so, I will close this post humming along to NOFX’s “What’s the Matter With with Parents Today?” from their Pump Up The Valuum album (not Heavy Petting Zoo like some lameos think):

Mom and dad
How’d you get so rad?
When exactly did you get so hip?

February 20, 2008 at 11:47 am 9 comments

Recycled Dresses

Packing for Mark and Denise’s Wedding, I went through my closet and tried to find an appropriate dress. I could go down the line and cite a family wedding (Adam, Carolyn, Andrew) or another family event for each dress… except for two. One was Stacy‘s groomsman dress, which didn’t seem fitting to wear again so soon. The other one was a dress that I wore in 1999 at Brian and Jodi‘s wedding. No family was there. It still fit, so there we go!

I show up at the wedding and my sister also recycled a dress. Her selection criteria was apparently more liberal than mine. She did wear a dress people had seen before– the dress she wore to her own wedding! 🙂

Me recycling a dress from 1999, Carolyn recycling a dress from 2000

With over fifty people in our extended family, and a number of unmarried cousins, I suspect this is just the very beginning of our recycling effort.

January 9, 2008 at 12:35 am 5 comments

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