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T9 Provokes Gossip

On the subject of T9 mistakes, earlier this week, I got a text message from a friend that simply read:

“r u pregant?”

The question seemed pretty out of the blue, but upon inquiry it turns out the T9 on my phone was to blame. 

Earlier in the day, I had sent a message to that friend to talk about lunch.  In the middle of the message, T9 guessed one word (not sure which one) as “mommy”.  It was a mistake I did not catch or correct.  So my friend received a message with the word “mommy” inexplicably in the middle. 

She thought I was trying to send her a secret message!  🙂

November 12, 2006 at 2:08 am 6 comments

Indirect Kisses

Here’s something for the gossip fans–  Last night, Bill kissed me…..indirectly.

Young Gwyn Jones was running around in her diaper and pink pajamas when her mother (Ann) instructed her, “Give Vicky a kiss goodnight.”

The toddler looked at me and I blew her a kiss.   Apparently she was unsatisfied because she started to walk towards me.   So I leaned close to her face and said, “Moooah!” as I kissed the air.  But the child continued to approach me!

“Yeah…she’s going to want to kiss your lips,” Ann said.  Her eyebrows took on an apologetic scrunch and she added, “Sorry.”

So what could I do?  I leaned in and let little Gwyn kiss me.   

Immediately afterwards, Gwyn went over to Bill and gave him his kiss goodnight!  So, via Gwyn, Bill indirectly kissed… me!

The “Indirect Kiss” logic is not as amusing when I think about the dogs.  Courtesy of Jimmie, I probably indirectly kiss my own toilet bowl multiple times a day!

So from Toilet Bowl->Jimmie->Me->Gwyn->Bill.   I think that means in a very microscopic, miniscule way– Bill Kissed My Toilet Bowl!


October 30, 2006 at 12:22 am 1 comment

Iwo Jima, V-J Day… and Toddlers

I read an article a while back (for the life of me, I can’t remember from what magazine and 30 minutes of web searching has shed no light) that discussed the near misses with iconic photographs.  In other words, it talked about the photographers who were at a slightly different angle or who were just a second too late with their shot.  Meanwhile, another photographer with the right combination ended up with all the glory.  The first example was the raising of the 2nd flag at Iwo Jima.  The photograph that is instilled in our brains was taken by Joe Rosenthal:

Rosenthal wasn’t alone on the mountain.  Another photographer, Bob Campbell, was in a different spot and caught the following shot.  The first and smaller flag is being pulled down in the foreground (the original flag was deemed too small to be seen).  Meanwhile the more famous flag is being raised in the background.  Campbell’s shot obviously did not have the same impact as Rosenthal’s.

Another example the article discussed was Alfred “Eisie” Eisenstaedt’s  V-J Day Kiss– the picture of the sailor and the nurse kissing in Times Square.  Another photographer caught the exact same pair kissing– but it was at a different moment.  The nurse’s back didn’t quite have the tell-tale arch in it and as a result, the photograph just didn’t have the same resonance as Eisenstaedt’s.

Well, it turns out the intricacies of timing and angles aren’t exclusive to iconic war images.  It seems to apply to toddlers as well.  Today I joined the Jones Family for an afternoon at Pandapas Pond.  At one point Ann snapped this picture of her two children:

She was unfamiliar with my camera, fumbled around and couldn’t tell if she actually took a picture.  I stepped in to save the day.  Armed with my knowledgeable prowess of the Gateway camera, I snapped this lovely dud:

In Ann’s picture, the kids are smiling.  You can see the water and the trees in the background.  Some sunrays are trickling down, complimenting the flaxen hair of the young subjects.  My picture…. just awful. 

So yeah, timing and angles– definitely important.

P.S.  All my better-timed Pandapas Pond pictures (and a larger copy of Ann’s picture) are available on my website.

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Worlds Collide at Larry’s Tailgate!

One thing I enjoy about weddings (besides dancing and the cake, of course) is the “worlds collide” effect. A number of people who all know the bride and groom in different contexts convene together for a common celebration. I like to see extended family and friends mingling together, sharing their memories and antedotes.

This weekend even though Virginia Tech’s bout with Northeastern did not promise to be a nailbiter, it still managed to draw a collision of worlds at Larry’s house. Many different aspects of my life were represented by the people in attendence:

  • My Blacksburg/Tailgate Life – All the normal tailgating people were in attendence. Larry, Ann, Penn, Gwyn, Andy, Bill, Sean, Keith, Jonathan Couch and even new father Brian Vandervort made a surprise appearence!
  • My Hiking Life – My reigning Hiking Buddy, Mike E, was present and he got to converse with my original hiking partner– Tony Airaghi.
  • My Married Life – Both of Sean’s brothers and their significant others came down for the event. That meant 66.66% of my brothers-in-law were in attendence (Carolyn‘s husband, Clint, was the only one missing from this brother-in-law reunion).
  • My QualTrax Life – ZJ Palasz, one of our QualTrax programmers, came in from Virginia Beach with his girlfriend to join our festivities.
  • My NOVA/Camping/Skiing Life – Kipp and Stacy came down for the event. On Friday night I found out that Shannon, Christian, Beth, Wayne and Shehab were going to be in town as well. I extended an invitation and all seven of these individuals from Northern Virginia came to Larry’s tailgate …and all seven of them got to witness a rare “Tipsy Vicky”.

I think these two pictures are a solid representation of the worlds colliding. The first one depicts some of the usual crowd– Me, Larry and Lindsay. The second one is the same shot— only this time, Kipp has made his way into the scene!

And here comes NOVA bursting in! 🙂

More pictures from the Virginia Tech vs. Northeastern Tailgate are available on my website.

September 4, 2006 at 11:36 am 1 comment

Busted by Bowmans x 2

I’m having some bad luck with Bowmans this week. 

Busted by Ann 
On Saturday night, I went over to Ann Bowman Jones‘ house to watch a movie (Prime).  We started fairly late– especially for a mother of two young children who spent the day at the pool.  So it wasn’t surprising when Ann fell asleep in the middle of the film.  In fact, I knew the odds of that outcome were high coming over.  Pleased with my own prediction, I quietly grabbed my cell phone and composed a text message to Sean:

“And now Ann is sound asleep!”

Suddenly Ann’s cell phone starts beeping loudly.  All the original noise is amplified by the phone vibrating and causing a rapid chattering on the coffee table.  Ann sits up adbruptly and in a groggy daze, she collects her phone.

“That’s weird,” she said, “It’s from you.” 

I was momentarily as confused as she was until the message was read aloud.  I had inadvertantly addressed my message to Ann!  Not only was I busted– but the whole act disproved my statement. 

Ann was, in fact, not sound asleep.

Busted By Larry
Often when I’m shopping around for third party components, I’ll use my Management Solutions of Virginia persona.  I fill in my Management Solutions email and I’ll leave Management Solutions’ address and phone number (aka Larry’s address and phone number).  If the company calls, Larry deals with them accordingly.  Last week, I was sort of scoping out a competitor (Nothing sinister– I was just curious to see a quick screenshot).  Under the circumstances, I felt weird putting my own name in the form (a quick Google search would make me look suspicious– more suspicious than I think my quick peak was worth), so I borrowed just a tad extra from Larry.  Like usual I let Larry know the company and that I filled out an inquiry form.  Unfortunately I only thought to share the usual amount of details.

So this afternoon I get a call from Larry.

“YES, I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO VICKY BOWMAN!!” He said, already laughing.

Turns out– the company did call Larry.  When they asked for me, he had a quick answer, “I don’t know a Vicky Bowman!”

When they told him who was calling, he made the connection …and helpfully told them my real last name.

Welp, I think it’s pretty much a given, if I didn’t look suspicious before, I certainly look that way now!

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Blacksburg Restaurant Recommendation: Maxwell’s

Quick note for the Blacksburg, Virginia residents/visitors–

On Friday night, Larry Bowman, Lindsay Jones, Ann Bowman Jones, Gwyn Jones and I ate at Maxwell’s (1204 North Main Street).  It is the second time this summer Larry and I visited Maxwell’s.  The meals are more upscale (Entrees range from $17 – $22), but they are absolutely delicious.  One time I got the Horseradish and Parmesan Encrusted Salmon and one time I had the Stuffed Filet Mignon.  Both dishes were very satisfying meals with a solid supporting cast of vegetables (something I’m always on the lookout for).  The desserts are pretty darn fine as well.  Friday, we sampled the Crème Brûlée (really creamy and light!) and the Chocolate Mousse.

Another thing that stuck out about Maxwell’s is how both times we’ve gone, it’s been completely empty!  Here we are getting a meal on a Friday night.  Usually an endeavor like that is accompanied by crowds and waits and lines and noise.  Last Friday, literally our fivesome were the only people in the restaurant.  So during what is usually a madhouse meal, Maxwell’s provided us a little oasis of calm and quiet. Granted, if there were other people in the restaurant they wouldn’t quite classify our party (with a cranky toddler) as “quiet”.  🙂

Anyway, if you are in town and looking for a good meal without a hectic dinner rush and your budget permits– I say give Maxwell’s a whirl.

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Ian Fund, Corn, Ian Fund

Been a busy, busy, week and it’s past my bedtime.  But here’s a quick update of some things that have been going on.

Ian Open
Last Friday, CCS hosted a Charity Golf Tournament for Ian Herbst.  Ann Bowman Jones of Bowman Handbags, Ted Bowman, Jennifer Blankenship and I participated as a team. 

Vicky Herrala and Ann Bowman Jones 

Although my game certainly struggled, our team did not hold up the entire event like I feared the night before.  And surprisingly, we did not come in last place!  We were 9 over par…. and some poor team faired worse.  Regardless of scores, it was a great event in wonderful weather and it brought in a good amount of money for Ian Fund as well.

Chic-A-Que and Sweet Corn
Despite hearing multiple sources rave about Eric Axilbund’s 4th of July party, Sean and I continued our tradition of visiting his parent’s.  I always, always eat extremely well in Zuni– both on the quality front and on the quantity front.  On Sunday, we went to the Bowden’s house to enjoy Ted Herrala’s tasty Chic-a-que.  Not only is the chicken delicious, but it is a very interesting event to spectate as you watch Ted and his companions flip and sauce hundreds of chickens over the makeshift cinderblock grill. 

On Monday, the timing was just right to get the first of the “How Sweet It Is” sweet corn.  You couldn’t get more fresh corn than what we had!  Literally just an hour or so before ingesting it, Sean, Bret, Phifer, Ted and I were picking corn in the field (braving a looming thunderstorm and freaky-looking brain fungus).  The corn was absolutely delicious!  So far, I’ve ingested 6 ears of corn this week…and there is more to come.

More Ian Fund
Another Ian Fund project in the works is Pine Cone Wreaths. 


They are making them to sell at Craft Fairs and raise money for Ian.  A crafting company donated most of the supplies– all we need is pine cones!  Well for a month or so, I’ve been collecting pine cones on and off. 

As we neared Sean’s family’s house, I kept eyeing the nearby scenery for pine trees. 

“Look, there’s some pine cones!” I’d say.

Sean assured me, “There is no shortage of pine cones in this area.”

Boy, was he right!  In fact– Sean’s family’s backyard was COVERED with pine cones.  On Monday afternoon, I was able to fill up two giant black trashbags full of pine cones…. and the yard was still littered with remaining cones!  My collection should keep the crafters busy for a while.  When they do eventually run out, I know just who to hit up for more.

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