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Mount Vernon

On Sunday, I met Stacy and his family at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. It was far from my first trip to the grounds. But, it does seem every time I visit, my perspective is just a little bit different and I pick up on different things. In past years, I definitely focused on the mansion or the farm animals. This time around, it was the trees and gardens that caught most of my attention.
Turning leaves

Spider web

The grounds had a lot of old, large trees

From One Generation to Another
My maternal grandmother used to volunteer at Mount Vernon, so she brought my siblings and I to the property pretty often. She taught me quite a bit. I, of course, learned about the Washington family and life during that era. But there were little unrelated lessons as well. I still remember my grandmother pointing out and telling me about sycamore trees. I learned what the color “Navy Blue” looked like thanks to her uniform. And Mount Vernon was the very first time (but not the last!) I got shocked by an electric fence. ūüôā

Me, Grandma and Carolyn at Mount Vernon (Photo from ClintJCL)

This year, I got to witness the process starting over! I got to see cute little Addie enjoy Mount Vernon with her own grandparents. How can you NOT smile?

Addie walks with her Grandpa at Mount Vernon

Addie and Grandpa enjoy the gardens

This wasn’t a new discovery about Mount Vernon by any means, but I did want to share one of my favorite parts about the mansion. The outside of the mansion looks like stone and it feels like stone as well. But it is made of pine boards! What Washington did was have the boards beveled to look like masonry. Then when they painted it, they threw sand on the wet paint to add texture. Pretty sneaky! I just love the thriftiness and the creativity with that trick.

NOT stone!

It may have been a brief trip, but it was a great one! More pictures of our Mount Vernon outing can be found on my Flickr site.

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Catch Up – Weekend of Sept 22nd

Okay, I’ve been quite busy as of late.¬† Here are quick glimspes of what I’ve been up to:

Groomsman Dress
Two weekends ago, I went up to the Northern Virginia area to do an activity that used to fill me with dread– I went dress shopping.¬† And it turned out to be a fabulous time.¬† I got to meet Stacy’s fiance, Louise.¬† I got to meet Stacy’s daughter, Addie and I got to get to know one of the bridesmaids better.

One of the bridesmaids, Jenn, and little Addison

On top of that, the act on trying on those fancy dresses was quite fun.¬† I’m pleased with¬†our selection.¬† I was also pleasantly surprised with the price!¬† The whole drive up, I mentally braced myself for something along the lines of $500.¬† The morning of the shopping outing, my father got me flustered.

“No!¬† That dress is going to be a thousand dollars!” he exclaimed.

I was a bit worried until¬†I reported Dad’s statement to Mom.¬† She rolled her eyes and asked me a simple question:

“Oh come on, how many bridesmaid dresses has your father bought?!?”¬†

How much is this dress? $1000? $500?

Dad’s¬†guess was a gross overestimate, as was mine.¬† We would both suck ass at The Price is Right.¬†

Thank goodness. ūüôā

That same weekend, I got to visit my home town!  The reinnovations to the 123 Bridge are almost done and they include a pedestrian walkway with beautiful views of the river and the town!

Occoquan River

Town of Occoquan

I also got to visit the house I grew up in, my grandmother’s house, and a brick dedicated to my grandmother on the sidewalk in front of our town hall.

Grandma’s Brick

It was a brief, but very pleasant homecoming.  More photos of Occoquan are available on my Flickr site.

Surprising Art
Within¬†eighteen hours I discovered that *two* individuals I know have some artistic talent.¬† First off, Ryan Somma can draw cartoons?!?¬† And then an absolutely mind-boggling discovery followed.¬† My brother, that pesky little boy who ruined my first kiss,¬†can paint?!?!?!¬† I was helping my Mom move furniture to my brother’s room and¬†found his rendition of a turkey buzzard (my 2nd favorite bird!) on display:

Turkey Buzzard by Jay

Who knew.

Serendipity and Spit-up
When I met little Addison, I got to hold her for a while.¬† Things were going smoothly for while, but then she made a face and I suspected that at any moment she would start to cry.¬† With an audience of people I just met for the very first time, I was self-conscious about triggering a sobbing spectacle.¬† So what do I do?¬† Run away!¬†¬†I handed Addie back over to her father before she had a chance to cry.¬† Almost immediately after the hand-off, Addie spit up on Stacy.¬† With him, it got on¬†his shirt.¬† BUT– the way I¬†was holding her, it would have¬†been a perfect shot on my still-growing Locks of Love hair.¬†¬†Sometimes, it pays off to be a wuss!¬† ūüėČ

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