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Mark and Denise’s Wedding

Last Saturday, Sean and I attended my Uncle Mark’s wedding in Rockville, Maryland! Now, having been a groomsman in a wedding, I’m no spring chicken to nuptials, but this wedding offered me a couple of things I hadn’t seen before:

Dual Officiants
A Catholic priest who taught my uncle in school and a Methodist minister from Pennsylvania both participated in the wedding. Mark and Denise also had a soloist come down from Pennsylvania to participate.

Pink Dress
My sister got married in blue velvet, so I’ve been there done that. But I’ve never seen pink. For her second wedding, my new Aunt Denise selected a nice pink garment. The dress was so pretty that when I saw Denise at the reception wearing a black dress I was surprised she decided to change. It turns out, I wasn’t looking at Denise at the reception at all. I was looking at her identical twin sister!

Denise (in pink dress) puts a ring on Mark’s finger

Offspring Wedding Party
The best man was my Mark’s youngest son (my cousin Jordan) and the maid of honor was Denise’s youngest daughter (Samantha). Having Jordan and Samantha up there was particularly amusing when Mark fumbled around when the Catholic priest asked if he and his wife would raise their children as Catholics.

“We will…er.. We have…er… We did.”

Best Man Jordan and Maid of Honor Samantha laugh at Mark

The Fastest Kiss
Now, I was all prepared to take a picture of the kiss, but it was over so quickly, I never got a shot. I lack official metrics, but I think this was the fastest wedding kiss I’ve seen.

The only kiss shot I got to take.

The reception was great fun! With the exception of Stephen’s family (I’m told they hit a deer on the way), all branches of the Sawyer family were represented, so we had another family reunion!

If you recall, our last family reunion took place in Bethany Beach, Delaware in August. There were some marked differences between the August Reunion and this reunion.

1) No Kayak Flipping and Pranks
Frank and Jordan did not get a chance to wake each other in the middle of the night or body slam each other in jellyfish-infested waters. But they did work in some arm wrestling.

Jordan takes on Frank

2) No Emergency Room Visits
When I first saw Kim without her kids at the wedding ceremony, I thought she strategically left them behind in Colorado to keep them safe. 🙂 But her children were in town and appeared at the reception. Chase did not have to get any stitches this time, but I did catch Frank picking on him a bit.

Frank messes with Chase

3) No Pee!
I noted my youngest cousin getting a lot of piggyback rides and I also noted that not once did she accept a dare and pee on her provider!

Frank not getting peed on!!!

4) Adam!!!!
Mark’s oldest son, Adam, is home safe and sound from Iraq!!! It was great to see him again and seeing him interact with his lovely wife and his cute little boys! Adam’s presence was troublesome to some, however. It turns out a lot of our relatives have as much trouble telling Adam and Jordan apart as I did with Denise and her twin sister. 🙂

Adam’s Back! (With oldest son Ryan)

The wedding was a splendid time! More pictures from Mark and Denise’s Wedding can be found on my Flickr site.

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Sawyer Dance Gene

On Monday I had another Belly Dancing class.  Unfortunately, I was in Kansas for the last class, but how much could I miss, right?  Well, apparently a lot!  All my classmates showed up in ornate little hip scarfs with sequins and coins.  I showed up in a pair of blue shorts with paint splatters on them.  My classmates were readily prepared to join a series of moves and components together.  Meanwhile, I awkwardly tried to mimic their moves. 

I was definitely the weakest pupil in the class last week.  Nonetheless, I still had a splendid time and really enjoyed the experience.  But, I do have to say there were moments were some Sawyer dance stories crept into mind and I doubted my wine-induced class selection:

Inherited Rhythm?
My grandfather had a hilarious story from his youth.  When he was a boy, he wanted to play the drums.  He got a drum set for Christmas and he embarked on some drumming lessons.  After a while, the teacher told my grandfather that he had no rhythm and that he really couldn’t master the drums until he had that key skill.  The teacher suggested that Grandpa should take dance lessons to help his sense of timing.

And so Grandpa signed up for dance lessons which he continuously fumbled through.  Eventually that teacher said enough is enough.  Again my grandfather was told he had no rhythm.  The dance instructor had a helpful suggestion on how my grandfather could improve.

“Perhaps you should take drum lessons.” 🙂

Adam Sawyer Quote
I love weddings.  The highlights– cake and dancing.  My cousin Adam’s wedding in 2000 was one of the best weddings for the latter activity.  My relatives and I danced up a storm!  I must have been out there for hours.  It was so much fun!  At one point in the evening, I went to check in with the handsome groom.  We stood on a balcony and looked down over the rest of the reception.  At one point, Adam looked over at the dance floor and shook his head.

“You can always tell the Sawyers,” he said, “They are the ones who can’t dance, but always do!”  🙂

So maybe I have genetics going against me in this belly dancing endeavor.  But my teacher is patient and I am enthusiastic.  At the very least, I will continue to have an hour of fun every Monday evening.  🙂

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Make Way for Ducklings!

Today I found this adoreable Easter card at Books-A-Million.  My family used to keep ducks as pets.  I love ducklings and I love hyacinths, so this was a winning combination!

A professional captures a duckling and spring flowers

Sort of related to the decline of unique human experiences, I had a similiar vision for a photograph in 1989.  My execution, however, left a little bit to be desired.  I went to all the trouble to drape a sheet in the background and to place a bunch of picked (aka wilted) flowers around the duck.  But alas, I didn’t bother with trivial stuff such as lighting, focus and, you know, centering the subject in the frame (This was at least three years before my high photography class).

Adolescent Vicky captures a duckling and spring flowers.

That Easter Card brought along some more positive memories than my photographic shortcomings.  I’ve been thinking about cute little baby ducks all day and feeling nostalgic of Easters past.  Here are a couple of shots from Easter 1989. 

Look at those faces!!! Top that, Easter Bunny!

Carolyn with her duckling. Cousin Adam and his duck are in the background.

My young cousin Jordan holds a duck.  Keeping with the Easter theme, I’m putting bunny ears on him.

Cousin Louise with her duckling

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Family News Day

Two of my family members made appearences in the press this week!

Bret Herrala (brother-in-law)
Get a customized ride of a different type
October 22, 2006 Issue of The Tidewater News

Adam Sawyer (cousin)
In Iraqi Villages, Troops See Strides and a Big Challenge
October 29, 2006 Issue of The Washington Post

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