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The Groomsman Reunion Tour

(Hat Tip to Matt. I blatantly stole the post name from him)

Saturday was a busy day. I drove up from Blacksburg to the DC area with three dogs, made a quick trip to Safeway and then my Mom and I frantically worked on some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles. The truffles were rushed and not quite as pretty looking as usual, but they still retained that oh so delicious taste. Which was good, because they were my dish for a BBQ at Stacy and Louise’s house!!!

The BBQ was a mini-wedding party reunion from Stacy and Louise’s wedding last November. On the bride’s side “my” bridesmaid, Jenn, was present. The groom’s side was all accounted for! Best man Kipp was there as well as Groomsman Matt and of course, Groomsman Vicky (that’s me)!

My favorite part of the day would have to be around dusk when our whole group went for a walk through a park and an adjacent neighborhood. We even ran into a doe with a tiny, tiny, spotted fawn. I didn’t manage to keep my camera still enough for a decent shot.

Down here in Blacksburg, I have been looking up so many trees lately that as I stroll through the forest I see a lot of familiar leaves. Up in Chantilly, Virginia, the only trees I could recognize right away were sycamores. It just goes to show the diversity found in Virginia… and it aptly demonstrates that I have a lot left to learn about trees. 🙂

Anyway, some pictures. Most of these are courtesy of Matt. Note that my post-Locks of Love hair is finally long enough for a pony tail again! SWEET! I celebrated by wearing a pony tail every day this holiday weekend.

Me and the other groomsman, Matt. (Photo by Matt)

Stacy and Louise (Photo by Matt)

Bridesmaid, Jenn (Photo by Matt)

Casey and Louise Laugh

@$(&ing low light at dusk!

I definitely enjoyed our reunion and found it to be a very good way to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps Stacy and Louise could be convinced to make it a tradition.

As for more pictures, Matt has a set of party pictures on his Flickr site. I have a small set up as well. Finally, I’m sure eventually Casey will have hers up too.

May 27, 2008 at 6:48 pm 6 comments

What Goes Around Comes Around

A few years ago, Sean started replying to certain queries by getting a whimsical look on his face and saying:

“If only… there was this network of computers… where I could go to my computer…type in the question…find out the answer.”

I’ve heard renditions of this line come from many of our friends and I have poached the line myself on numerous occassions.  One such opportunity presented itself at Stacy’s reception!  I don’t remember the specifics, but groomsman Matt said something and I went with the, “If only there was this tool…” reply.

Well it didn’t take long for Matt to adopt the concept for his own comedy.  When they brought out our salads, I promptly dropped a piece of dressing soaked lettuce (This is particular frustrating because I rarely ever put dressing on salads!) on my dress.

“Oh no!!!!” I exclaimed.

Matt’s eyes twinkled.

“If only…. there was this thin piece of cloth…that you could lay on your lap… and prevent stuff like that.”

After that I made sure to use a napkin.  🙂

November 17, 2007 at 11:53 am 5 comments

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