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Bye Bye Hair!

Now that Stacy’s wedding is over, I was free to make an appointment to chop off my hair.  I did research the Wigs for Kids and Pantene’s Beautiful Length programs, but unfortunately they were more restrictive with colored-treated hair.  As a quick cheat-sheet:

Program Minimum Donation Length Colored Hair?
Locks of Love 10″ Acceptable (as long as it has not been bleached)
Wigs for Kids 12″ No perms, colors or highlighting
Pantene Beautiful Lengths 8″ Vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes acceptable.  Bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated not acceptable 

And so Locks of Love it is!   I was poised to take advantage of Sock Hat Season to conceal any disasters if I had to go too short.  But it turns out I had more than enough hair.  They took off about eleven inches and I still manage to look like a girl:

Before and After Haircut

We’ll see how this new haircut fairs on hikes.  I can’t imagine it will be worse than the long hair.  Over the course of our three day Peters Mountain backpacking trip, my long ponytail collected a number of burrs and matted tangles.  Once home, it took me quite some time (and the demise of one hairbrush) to get that resolved.  Short hair has got to be simplier than that!

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