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Gwyn vs. the Volcano

I was cleaning off one of my SanDisk cards for my camera and I ran across some pictures I never processed. These are from February 22nd, when Ann, Larry, Sean and I took Penn and Gwyn to Kabuki for supper.

For the most part, the evening progressed normally. The kids oohed and ahhed at the fish tank while we waited for a table and after that they oohed and ahhed at the chef preparing the meal. Then it came time for the ONION VOLCANO!!!

Both children lean in with great expectations:

Let’s take a closer look at Gwyn’s face:

Gwyn excited about the volcano

BUT… when the volcano was actually lit, Gwyn was no longer happy:

And let’s take a closer look at that face:

Terrified Gwyn

Once the terror subsided, she watched the flames with worry:

Gwyn worried

Finally she just covered her eyes:

Know what the best part about the picture above is? That kid in the background (a stranger) is laughing at her!

Sympathetic Stranger

And in the end, it was Mama to the rescue:

Ann consoles Gwyn. Brother doesn’t look so concerned, does he?

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Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with Penn
Almost two years ago, I played my very first game of golf with Larry, Ann and young Penn (three years old at the time).  My first tee shot was a nightmare.  I had a number of swings that completely missed the ball altogether.  Once I succeeded in just barely brushing the ball off the tee.  Finally, I made contact with the ball… albeit, not very good.  My ball rolled perhaps 20 feet in front of me in the grass.

At that point, Penn grew impatient.

“MY TURN!” He yelled. 

He dropped his ball in the grass next to my tee and gave it a solid and effortless wack with his tiny driver.  His ball made a nice arc and went well past mine on the fairway.

Reenactment– Penn hitting a golf ball in his yard.

As if that humilation wasn’t enough, Penn made an announcement (paraphrased).

“WOW, my ball went a lot further than yours, Bicky!!!”

Keeping Up with Gwyn
Friday night, I joined Ann and Gwyn for a dinner at Kabuki’s.  When they brought out our salads, they asked me if I wanted chopsticks.  I declined— I am not very good at chopsticks.  I can hold my own when it comes to sushi (though I have had some nigiri accidents), but forget about it for anything else.

The waiter moved to the next person at the table which was 2 1/2 year old Gwyn.  He gave her a pair of chopsticks to play with.  Just when I thought I had some added entertainment for the evening, that little girl picked up those chopsticks and started eating her salad like she had been doing it for years.

Gwyn picks up a piece of lettuce with chopsticks.

I guess I need to focus on the talents I do excel in.  Unlike Penn, I can eat squash without vomitting and although I’m a messy eater, I’m still a heck of a lot cleaner than Gwyn.

Gwyn is a messy eater

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