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Google Alert – False Alarm

Earlier this week, I got this Google Alert:

My diary – More thoughts on TGAW. But not too many…
Working with TGAW. I know that I have no chance with her and that is because she is married and so am I. I also have a family. And I know that the grass is …

“What the–” I thought and clicked on it.  It pointed to the diary of a married man who fancies a woman he works with.  This had me quite confused (especially since I usually work from home) until I finally realized he wasn’t talking about me.  TGAW = The Girl At Work.  Duh.

The fact that he lives in the U.K. was a strong indicator he wasn’t talking about me.  In retrospect, this line in the very first paragraph should have been a clue:

Her husband must put up with a lot because of the horses.

And perhaps this line as well:

And I bet she has a temper although I’ve never seen anyone give her reason to lose it.

Whoever this other TGAW is… she obviously doesn’t work with Microsoft technologies. 

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A Google Alert Success

A while ago, under Clint’s suggestion, I signed up for Google alerts for my name, my husband’s name and then just “TGAW”.  Since then, the alerts I’ve received haven’t exactly been ground breaking.  I was well aware that my husband is a fan of Talib Kweli and De La Soul.  I was not surprised by my own LinkedIn profile and the items I’ve put on my own blog or website were still old news to me. 

But this week, I got my first interesting alert.  One of my photographs from my walk on the Virginia Tech campus was used in the April 25, 2007 issue of The Saint, a school newspaper for Aquinas College in Michigan.  The editor-in-chief had contacted me a couple of weeks ago on Flickr asking for permission (which I gave), but the whole thing had slipped my mind, probably somewhere between Kansas and Atlanta. 

But…thanks to Google Alert, I was made aware there was a new reference to me on the web.  Quite spiffy. 

P.S. Other Google tools I would recommend would include:

  1. Google Reader – My RSS-subscription reader of choice
  2. Google Analytics – A comprehensive and FREE web statistics tool– complete with on-the-fly graphing and reporting capabilities.

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