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Weekly Winners – July 12 – July 18, 2009 – Jet Skiing With Neighborhood Kids

This morning I got choked up and emotional. I was thinking about all the kindnesses my friends and associates have given the children on my street, children they had never met. Christina at AmiExpat shipped them a box packed full of German chocolates. My friend Bill and his lovely wife Priscilla donated a laptop to our unofficial computer lab. The former proprietors of The Riverhouse Coffee Company donated an old laptop as well.

This week’s Weekly Winners document another kindness. My co-worker, ZJ, and his brother-in-law, Bruce, recently purchased a Jet Ski. And even though this equipment is brand new and probably very expensive– they invited some of the neighborhood kids to come up to First Landing State Park at Virginia Beach for a day of jet skiing.

I took fifteen year old Khalif, twelve year old Armani and eleven year olds Jacal and Jamonte. Bruce’s friends Ray and Vanessa came as well and brought their young daughter, Kristin.

Jet Skiing - Jacal on Parked Jet Ski
Jacal Poses on Parked Jet Ski

Jet Skiing - Kristin in Tube
Little Kristin in the Tube

Jet Skiing - Jamonte Smiles in Water
Jamonte Smiles in Water

Jet Skiing - Jacal and ZJ from Behind
Jacal and ZJ

Jet Skiing - Kids Look at Jellyfish
Bruce Shows Kids Jellyfish

Jet Skiing - Dolphin Spotting!
Dolphin Sighting! (You can see it too– it is above the boy on the left)

Jet Skiing - Jacal and Kristin on Shore
Jacal and Kristin “Fish”

Jet Skiing - Ray and Jamonte Get Ready to Leave
Bruce Takes Jamonte Out

Jet Skiing - ZJ Waves with Jacal
ZJ Takes Jacal Out

Jet Skiing - Armani and Jacal Watch Jamonte Leave with ZJ on Tube
Armani and Jacal Watch Jamonte and ZJ Leave on Tube

Jet Skiing - Khalif Drives with ZJ
Fifteen Year Old Khalif Gets To Drive

What amazing generosities my friends extend.

Once again, choked up.

More pictures of our Jet Skiing Adventure can be found on my Flickr site. Also, be sure to check out more of this week’s Weekly Winners out at Sarcastic Mom!

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One Great Real-Date Date

Another reason you shouldn’t shed tears for my dating life is courtesy of my divorce, I can like, go on dates and stuff and thus will have the opportunity to contribute to and mold my own dating future!

Not sure how this compares to GeekHiker’s “Them!”, but I am quite pleased with this outing from last week:

1) Eat a late breakfast of freshly made blueberry muffins (Thanks Linda!)

2) Bike four miles along the Virginia Beach boardwalk to First Landing State Park.

3) Bike another twelve miles throughout the state park via the Cape Henry Trail, enjoying views of cypress trees, spanish moss, marshlands and a bay.

Cypress Trees off the Cape Henry Trail

Spanish Moss off the Cape Henry Trail

Marshland off the Cape Henry Trail

4) Share a snack of home-grown garden tomatoes (Thanks Erin!) and homemade chocolate chip cookies (Thanks Rachelle!).

5) Bike back to the beach.

6) Walk about a mile to eat dinner with friends.

Aaron and Meagan!!!!

7) Cap off the evening with a leisurely mile walk back with friends, checking out the Ella Fitzgerald tribute, an amusement park, the Curiosities Rock Shop and, of course, the baffling Dance Heads display. Not familiar with Dance Heads? Watch this must-see demo.

Amusement Park in Motion! (Photo by aejonze)

Lights at the amusement park
Merchandise at the Curiosities Rock Shop

8 ) Hold hands

Guy on Stilts (Photo by aejonze)

9) Three of us hang out on the balcony and pretend our fourth is not having a bowel emergency in the restroom. La Dee Da Dee Da.

10) With the balcony door open and exhausted from a very full day, fall asleep listening to the ocean.

In case you were not counting, that’s:

  • 20 miles of biking
  • At least 2 miles of walking
  • and 1 dire dumping incident

What more could a girl want? 😉

More pictures from First Landing State Park and Virginia Beach can by found on my Flickr site as well as my friend, Aaron’s, Flickr site.

First Landing State Park

2500 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1415
Phone: (757) 412-2300


Cape Henry Trail
Length: 6 miles one way
Elevation Gain: Negligible – it’s all flat!

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