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Bill C, Birthday Hero

This morning I had a very nasty dream.  I was involved in a woman’s crew team (I think this is an hommage to my colleague, Kim Elliott) and for some reason the team had a dispute and I retired to a public ladies room.  There, I found an extremely clogged toilet, a “dirty potty” one may say.  Apparently I felt somewhat responsible for the toilet’s state because I started to plunge it (I doubt I would have taken the initiative otherwise).  The plunging effort was far from successful and quite messy.  The more I plunged, the more messy the situation became.  Water and poop was getting everywhere– it splashed on my pants.  It got all over my copy of Catch-22 (which I was reading before falling asleep) and it was even getting in my hair.  Suddenly, Bill knocked on the front door, the beagle started arooing and I woke up. 

I can not thank Bill enough for getting me out of that mess.  What a well-timed gift.

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Your Know Your House is Messy When…

Last night I had a dream where I was walking the dogs in my front yard.   Suddenly I see my neighbor, a mother of two, squirming out of her garage.  She was gagged with duct tape and had her wrists and her ankles bound by the tape as well.  Her eyes were wide with terror as she struggled in my direction.  I ran over and picked her up (I have amazing upper body strength in dreams) and carried her back to my house.  The agenda was clear– I needed to get her inside to safety and call 9-1-1 stat.  But…when got to my stoop, just before I opened the front door, I paused.  I had to deliver my usual disclaimer, “Now my house is really really messy… I have a beagle you know.”

So, apparently I’m so self conscious about the state of my house that:
1) The concern is making it into my dreams
2) Even in a dire hostage/kidnapping situation, I still feel the need to warn people about the mess!

December 6, 2006 at 10:00 pm 3 comments

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