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Cows and Calves

Last weekend, I visited the farm of my ninety-one year old great uncle. The last time I was up at the farm was April 2006. It is not a coincidence that when I visit, I target the month of April. That’s when the baby cows are born! I keep hoping to get the timing just right to witness a calf birth. In 2006, I found a goop covered calf being licked my its mother, so I think I just missed it. This year, the closest I got was a 2-day old calf:

I was two days too late to see this guy being born.

I did get to see plenty of calves and calf-related activities:

A group of baby cows


And I saw some older, but still cool looking, cows:

Black cow by white barn

A brown cow eats

So…. so what if I didn’t get to see a birth? That’s what YouTube is for. And I did get to see something is more rare– my ninety-four year old grandmother getting to visit her ninety-one year old brother!

More rare than amniotic fluid bursting in pastures

More pictures from my visit to Great Uncle Chuck’s Farm are on my Flickr site.

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