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Accuracy Through Shutter Speed

Last fall I ran into a hummingbird in Clay County, West Virginia.  Hummingbird’s wings can beat up to 80 times per second.  So to my naked eye the wings were just a blur.  They came out as a blur in my camera as well.

Tonight at the Garden of Lights, they included a hummingbird in the display.  The Christmas light version beat its wings significantly less than its real life counterpart.   My naked eye could clearly see the wings flap back and forth.  But my camera saw things more accurately.  Thanks for the slow shutter speed it selected for the dark night— the hummingbird wings were also a blur!

Real Hummingbird from Clay County, WV; Fake Hummingbird from Garden of Lights

December 21, 2008 at 1:08 am 3 comments

Golden Delicious Apple Festival – Oranchak-Style

Well, I knew Dave from was pretty talented when it came to videos, especially after seeing his time lapse video of ants. And I knew he had a fondness for editing pictures, as demonstrated by his rendition of my Angel Rest’s Season Compare. But this creation may be his best work yet.

Dave’s Version of the Golden Delicious Apple Festival Dancer:

And quite possibly, a Hat Tip needs to be issued to Clint for the idea.

October 7, 2008 at 12:44 pm 2 comments

Golden Delicious Apple Festival

In late September, I got to visit Clay County, WV. Like Mountain Lake, Clay County has a claim to fame through film. Clay County’s appearance, however, is a little more sinister than “Dirty Dancing”. In the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, that first victim Clarice Starling autopsies– the body was found in the Elk River in Clay County.

The Elk River in Clay County West Virginia

We didn’t see any human corpses while we were in Clay County… but we did find a nifty turtle skeleton!

Turtle skeleton (Hand model credit: Ryan Somma)

And actually, believe it or not, the point of the trip to Clay County was not related to corpses or even skeletons. We went for the Golden Delicious Apple Festival! The festival celebrates West Virginia’s Official State Fruit which is– whoa, good guess! The Golden Delicious Apple!

Sometimes throughout the day, the festival felt familiar. The scenery was reminiscent of Trail Days. You had a nice small town, surrounded by lush, green mountains. There was a great display of local talent. The winner of last year’s karoke competition even got a good amount of stage time. A lot of food vendors were typical to the Occoquan Craft Fair— funnel cakes, BBQ, popcorn, cotton candy. Like Trail Days, this event had a parade (though I did not see any water gun ambushes!). Like Relay for Life they had a Hula Hoop Contest! Alas, it was Bring Your Own Hula-Hoop and I happened to give mine away weeks ago (What are the freaking odds of that?)


Little pony pulling a little cart

Lizemore Lionettes

But, there were some items to the Golden Delicious Apple Festival that were unique– or at least new to me. They had a “Frozen T-shirt Competition”.

Kids race to unfold and put on frozen t-shirts

They made apple butter right in front of you.

Mmmm Apple Butter!

They had something called a “Women’s Skillet Tossing Competition”. I thought maybe that was some kind of pancake bake-off. Nope– it was literally a skillet tossing competition. They had an iron skillet and each lady got a chance to chuck it across a field.

Skillet Tossing – This contestant did not win (the skillet is not even past the red car)

And finally, even though I’ve seen people dance before, this particular woman strikes me as unique:

More pictures from the Golden Delicious Apple Festival can be found on my Flickr site.

October 7, 2008 at 1:16 am 14 comments

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