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Cicada Dialogues – Week of May 19th, 2013

The cicadas have definitely arrived to the Occoquan, Virginia and Lake Ridge, Virginia area.

Cicadas - May 22nd - Eight Cicadas on Clipper Drive, Lake Ridge, VA
Cicadas on Clipper Drive, Lake Ridge Virginia on May 22nd,2013

In my last post, I covered a little bit of cicada-related dialogue our family had on Memorial Day. In this post, I thought I would share some dialogue snippets from the previous week. Enjoy! : )

Monday May 20, 2013
Sagan (petting cicada in Ryan’s hand): Nice cada. Nice cada.

TONS and TONS of cicadas outside Sagan's dentist on Clipper Drive in Lake Ridge, VA...including this one who hadn't come outside of his shell yet.
Nice Cada

Tuesday May 21, 2013
Vicky: You know, cicadas maybe cooler than bagworms.
Ryan: Maybe? MAYBE?!?! No, no, no, no. There is no maybe here. Cicadas ARE cooler than bagworms.

Thursday May 23, 2013
Sagan (pointing at the road): Boken cada. Boken cada.
[Vicky looks down to see a dead cicada with sprawled out wings and a flattened abdomen. Innards are splattered across the asphalt.]
Vicky: Uh… yeah. That’s right, Sagan. Broken Cicada.

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Surprise Family Hike with Surprise Finds – Ballywhack Creek

This morning Sagan, Ryan, and I were intending on doing some yard work over at my grandmother’s old house, but we ran into some mechanical difficulties.

Memorial Day 2013 - Sagan Supervises Lawn Mower Repairs

So instead, we decided to explore the nearby woods and get some recordings and photos of cicadas. We ended up walking along a nice fireroad that paralleled the Ballywhack Creek and eventually we found ourselves in the River Ridge section of Lake Ridge and made our way back to the broken lawn mower. It was a good outing and we had plenty of opportunities to hear and see cicadas.

Memorial Day 2013 - Cicada on Beech
Cicada on American Beech

Memorial Day 2013 - Cicada Shells and Sweet Gum Leaves
Cicada Shells Left on Sweet Gum Leaves

Memorial Day 2013 - Cicada Shell on Tulip Poplar
Cicada Shell on Tulip Poplar Leaf

We also had a cute little bit of cicada-related dialog with 22-month old Sagan.

Vicky: Sagan, do you want the cicada on your head?
Sagan: (matter-of-factly) No.
Vicky: Sagan, do you want the cicada on your hand?
Sagan: (matter-of-factly) Yes.

Memorial Day 2013 - Daddy and Sagan Smile at Cicada
Sagan Holds His First Cicada

Sagan had a little bit of dialogue of his own with the cicada including telling it “Bye Bye”

Our mission was simple– we wanted to see cicadas. But we ended up with a lot of surprise finds as well. First off, we got to see an unfortunate cicada who never successfully molted being devoured (albeit slowly) by red ants.

Memorial Day 2013 - Ants Eat Cicada 1 - Cropped

We got to see a number of water insects and large tadpoles in the creek.

Memorial Day 2013 - Water Insect and Tadpoles
Water Insect and Tadpoles

Even though it hadn’t rained recently, there was a large amount of earthworms out. Here again, we had an opportunity to converse with Sagan.

Vicky: Sagan, do you want the worm on your hand?
Sagan: (matter-of-factly) No.

Memorial Day 2013 - Sagan Meets Worm
Sagan Does Not Hold the Earthworm

Our biggest surprise was right behind the River Ridge houses on Farversham. We came across a little white-tail deer fawn waiting for its Momma.

Memorial Day 2013 - Fawn
Awww….Cute Enough to Make Forget Deer Eat My Chestnut Trees

One last surprise– shortly after we made our way back home, Ryan uncovered the problem with the mower and it resumed working better than ever. Apparently sometimes it pays to step away from a problem for a while. : )

More pictures of our Memorial Day Family Walk can be found on my Flickr site.

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