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Counting on Cellphones

You can read time and time again about how when you are hiking, you shouldn’t count on your cell phone working. A couple of weekends ago, I had a benign reminder of that fact while hiking in the Northwest River Park in Chesapeake, Virginia. After a few miles, I wanted to refer to the trail map which I did not have on me. But I did have the Blackberry! Although I had connectivity was able to get to and download the full trail map PDF, I was presented with a problem.

Northwest River Park - No Help From Blackberry
The Trail Map on the Blackberry

I had no means to zoom in! I found this mini trail map to be thoroughly useless. Good thing I didn’t really need it. : )

But don’t ditch your phone just yet. Even if you can’t bank on your cell phone fulfilling its intended function, you could assign it a tertiary duty. Backpacker Magazine has a video showing how you can use the battery and a Brillo pad to start a fire (Hat Tip, The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog).

How cool is that?

July 7, 2009 at 12:50 am 2 comments

Drop Results

Last week, I questioned whether or not I drop things than most people.  So ala MythBusters, I kept a tally.  My results for the last week are below:

Drops broken down by item

Drops by Day

My cell phone took the bulk of gravity’s wrath– it was dropped a total of six times all on SATURDAY! I’m going to go ahead and blame that on tight jeans.  Due to the snug fit of the garment, the pockets were no longer functional storage areas.  As a result, I carried the phone in my hands, thereby increasing the opportunity for it to slip through my fingers.

On the subject of my cell phone, I do have to say the LG enV is very robust.  In the past year, I have given it an extensive (and completely unintentional) stress test which it has continued to pass with flying colors!

I was surprised I never dropped my car keys.  But the dog leash being tied for second place, seems about right.

On Sunday, I didn’t drop anything at all!  That day, I pretty much did nothing except sit around and watch my brother take pictures of Transformer logos and drive home.  And also, I was not wearing the aforementioned jeans.  I had on cargo pants…with plenty of pockets.  🙂

Anyway, those were my results.  How did you guys end up?

April 10, 2008 at 3:35 pm 3 comments

Lazy Man’s Mirror

Last weekend at the family reunion, I tied my hair back and wanted to check the integrity of my work.  Rather than get up and consult a mirror in the restroom, I took my camera snapped a quick picture and checked the results.

No missing strands of hair and eyeliner is in tact.

And with that I realized I left off a key cell phone duty in my “Cell Phone… As Versatile as Duct Tape” post.   I often use my cell phone as a quick mirror.  This may seem absurdly lazy.  But I’ll have you know I most frequently use this technique at airports.

Airport Commodity
I often braid my hair at the gate.  If you aren’t familiar with traveling alone at airports, then trust me– going to the bathroom at the airport is a pain in the ass.  Having someone watch you luggage is a luxury you take for granted.  When traveling alone you have to take all your luggage with you.  You can suddenly find your trek extended thanks to remarkably poor-timed bathroom cleanings.  And when you finally get there, gawd forbid, you actually have to use the toilet.  Managing a rolling suitcase, a laptop and a plastic bag full of provisions in a cramped stall is like playing one of those sliding number games, but in much more disgusting circumstances.

Slide Vicky and her luggage around the bathroom stall to open the inward opening door.  Note: Game not to scale– there is not this much wiggle room in an actual airport bathroom.

Anyway– I’ll braid my hair and rather than consulting a mirror I’ll use the cell phone.  I usually delete the pictures right afterwards, but here is a reenactment for you:

Pretend my living room is the gate and pretend Jimmie and Henry are actually passengers making out.

But…there are times when I do it when I am just purely lazy.  Here is a shot I took of myself when I was working and on a whim wanted to see my chin sag status:

Checking on my chin, February 15, 2007 

Usage Disclaimer
I do have a usage disclaimer about the Lazy Man’s Mirror.  If you are using it, make sure you are in the position to take any corrective action, if necessary.  Otherwise, it only serves to depress you. 

Last year’s away game at Wake Forest is a good example.  I’m the master of mismanaging blemishes and I woke up the morning of the game with gruesome evidence of that fact on my face.  It was soooo bad, I considered skipping the game.  When I proposed the notion to my husband, he burst out into song.

You’re so vain,
You probably think this game is about you, don’t you, don’t you?

My husband doesn’t usually sing, so the ditty left enough of an impression for me to go get dressed in orange and maroon and get in car.  And of course, we see all our friends there and of course, we see friends we haven’t seen in years.  Back when Sean and I first started dating, one guy told Sean he should date someone who was “you know, not thirteen.”  Of course, that guy was at the tailgate and here I was ten years later… with the complexion of a thirteen year old.  I managed to stand steadfast through the entire tailgate. 

It was hours later in the stands, I decided I would take a quick peek.  I used my phone to take a picture of Larry Bowman (a distraction) and then I took a picture of myself.  The results were… let’s just say, horrendous.  And there was absolutely nothing, nothing I could do about it.  I was concealerless and I was well lit under stadium lights.  Luckily, there seemed to be some truth to Sean’s song — all eyes did appear to be directed at the game.

Still, dear readers, I do feel a sense of responsibility to warn you.  Exercise caution with the Lazy Man’s Mirror.  Objects are as ugly as they appear. 

Actually probably uglier as cell phones have such small resolutions.  🙂

June 29, 2007 at 1:59 pm 8 comments

Cell Phone… as Versatile as Duct Tape?

Welp, maybe there is a little thru-hiker innovation in me yet.  Today during the second time we waited at Detroit Airport (some pipes on the original plane burst so we had to get off and be shuffled to another plane), Larry and I opened up a bag of trail mix which we did not finish.  I needed a means to seal the bag.  Usually this task is reserved for the hairband or scrunchie I keep around my right wrist.  But on this particular day, that hairband was already fulfilling a duty– keeping my impromptu french braid tethered.  So like the thru-hikers, I had to improvise.  My cell phone became one of the more expensive bag clips out there:

Expensive Bag Clip - An LG EnV 
An Expensive Bag Clip — an LG EnV

It actually worked quite well.  Not a single nut, raisen, date or yogurt piece escaped.  This is not an unique occurence.  My cell phone has risen on many occassions to fill a variety of needs: 

  1. Phone (Duh)
  2. Email
  3. Instant Messenger
  4. Camera (All the pictures I took at Vail were from my phone)
  5. Flashlight (Used it numerous times to navigate my dark garage)
  6. Alarm Clock (our actual clock radio hasn’t even been set for years now)
  7. Key Finder (I occassionally attach my keys to the clip.  If I lose my keys, I just call my phone)
  8. PostIt Note (I send text messages to myself with reminders)
  9. Mirror 
  10. And now….. Bag Clip

I haven’t even tapped into features like MP3 player or videos!  The cell phone has proven to be quite versatile, but it probably would not be an effective blaze on the Appalachian Trail or any good at blister prevention or mending tents.  Then again, I’d like to see duct tape communicate between me and my husband while we are hundreds of miles apart.  Shall we call it a draw?

May 22, 2007 at 12:02 am 11 comments

Previous Post Updates

Today I have two updates to previous posts:

Sentimental Text Messages
Dang, I had good timing with this post.  Last night my phone died.  The display would only display white.  I could still place calls and hear the other party, but I could not receive calls or do anything that required the display– which includes my beloved text messaging.  Luckily, I was eligible for my two year phone upgrade so I went ahead and got an LG enV.  Although Verizon was able to transfer my contacts, my saved messages and my pictures were lost.  No big loss– my favorites were already documented on my blog.  🙂

Thank Goodness I’m With the Puparazzi
After nearly four months, Kipp uploaded his pictures from our Smoky Mountain National Park trip.  And looky here, guess what shirt I’m wearing!

Vicky in Great Smoky Mountain National Park (with old cell phone!)

But, of course–  The Rocky Mountain National Park shirt, I wear everywhere else!  I remember thinking I was ever so clever packing a Rocky Mountain National Park shirt to wear in an entirely different National Park.   Anyway, all of Kipp’s Smokies pictures are available on his Flickr site.

P.S.  I just realized that I’m wearing that same shirt right now!  I think it is pretty safe at this point to declare it as one of my favorites.

February 13, 2007 at 12:00 am 1 comment

The First 24 Hours is Crucial

With kidnappings, they say the first 24 hours is crucial.  As the time ticks by, it becomes less and less likely that the victim will be found. 

I feel a similiar sense of urgency whenever I lose my cell phone.  I need the search to be successful in the first day or two while I can still call the phone and hear its muffled calls for help.  If it still hasn’t been located when the batteries die out, all hope is lost.

Last night I misplaced my cell phone.  Armed with our home’s cordless phone, I “searched” my car and the downstairs with no luck.  The verb “search” in this context is a little less formal than a grid search you see executed by search parties.  I pretty much hold the cordless in one hand and listen for Henry’s Aroo (my cell phone ring).  This morning, I did the more manual man-handling of the couch cushions and the blind groping underneath my car seats.  I discovered a great deal of debris, but no phone.  Finally, I took the cordless upstairs and called the phone again.  I heard something and I was successfully led to my phone’s hiding place.

It was in the SINK of our GUEST bathroom! 

Found phone

On a side note, this happens to be the same guest bathroom we found Jimmie in earlier this year (in other words: The same bathroom Jimmie destroyed).  That bathroom is apparently a magnet for missing objects.  Shall I check for Hoffa?

January 3, 2007 at 7:16 pm 2 comments

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