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Season Compare: Camden Causeway Park

I’ve been in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for eight months now. That means I now have an eight month stockpile of shots… that I can team up with new shots to make season compares! šŸ™‚ Here’s a compare from Causeway Park:

Camden Causeway Park - Fence and Tree
Fence and Tree, April 2009

Camden Causeway Park - Season Compare 3
Fence and Tree, June 2009

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Camden Causeway Park

One of the first parks I checked out when I moved to Elizabeth City was the Causeway Park. My first impression was about as positive as my opinion of the second Transformer’s movie. I got out of the car, saw a sign instructing people not to be litter bugs. And then right next to that sign was a formidable pile of garbage.

The trees do what they can to clean up, but the Causeway Park does tend to be litter prone. That said, I’ve found it to be a great park. It’s humble. It’s a small tract of land with boardwalks over the swampy shores of the Pasquotank River.

Camden Causeway Park - Fallen Bald Cypress Still Grows
Boardwalk at Camden Causeway Park

Camden Causeway Park - Tree and Reflection
Trees at Camden Causeway Park

Camden Causeway Park - Baldcypress Leaves, Baldcypress Trees
Baldcypress Leaves, Baldcypress Trees

Camden Causeway Park - Jimmie, Elephant Ears, Weird Floaty Thing
Jimmie with Elephant Ears

What I really like about this park is its diversity. As the seasons change, every visit uncovers new leaves, new flowers, new colors, new insects and new lessons.

Causeway Park - Flowers Camden Causeway Park - Red Maple Seeds
Camden Causeway Park - Purple Flower Camden Causeway Park - Bell Flowers
Camden Causeway Park  - Swamp Rose Camden Causeway Park - Catkin

The Causeway Park is my ego-check. Every time I think Iā€™m starting to get knowledgeable on the local flora, the brisk walk through the park reminds me of how much I have left to learn. (A lot).

It’s a small park, yes, but full of discoveries.

Causeway Park

Directions from Elizabeth City, NC

From Water Street, turn right on Camden Causeway (34/158)

Parking lot and sign for the park will be on your left in about 0.7 miles.

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