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Sometime in the last week, this blog passed 900,000 views. Next up, 1 million!

# of Views Date
0 March 3, 2006
100,000 July 16, 2007
200,000 March 5, 2008
300,000 September 26, 2008
400,000 April 12, 2009
500,000 ~December 15, 2009
600,000 ???
700,000 ???
800,000 January 23, 2012
900,000 ~Week of July 16, 2012

As always, thanks for visiting!

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6 Year Blogiversary

March 6th was the six year anniversary of this blog! On my three year anniversary I highlighted ten of my favorite posts from my first three years. Here are ten more that I fancy from the next three years (March 2009 – March 2012).

The Hubble Telescope and my Underwear
Hehe. I dunno. I may just like this one because it has underwear in the title.
Frozen Cascades 2010
A great hike can be had in every season…particularly frozen waterfall season.
Survivor Trees: Nagasaki’s Sanno Shrine
With roughly 13,000 views to date, this post was the most popular of my Survivor Tree series.
Poison Ivy Has SEX?!?!
This was a quick post to write, but I will always remember this one fondly because I saw strangers tweet it. : )
Adventure Day with the Neighborhood Kids — Canoeing!
We still very much miss the neighborhood kids and I wanted to highlight one of our adventure days.  This day we took eight kids canoeing. My favorite part is Khalif noting, “When we’re with you, it’s always an adventure!” : )
A Lesson from the American Chestnut
Our experience with growing potentially blight-resistant American chestnuts from the American Chestnut Foundation…and the importance of trying again.
  Our Birth Story, the Bradley Method and a Little Bit of Hiking Too!
It took me twelve weeks to finish writing up my post.  That labor of love took longer than actual labor!
Computer Literacy Program – Class 3 Programming
A recap of my favorite class from the Computer Literacy Program Ryan Somma conducted in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  In this lesson, the kids got to edit NFL-themed JavaScript!
Wedding – Lowell’s Lecture and the Father Daughter Dance
My father can make me nearly asphyxiate with laughter… and he can dispense some pretty handy advice as well.
Waka Waka Waka — Pac Man in Nature
I love these patterns in nature posts.

I may not always have as much time to blog as I would like– but I always find it to be a very fulfilling activity. Thank you for reading!!!

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Blogging and Hiking with Celebrities – My Interview at National RV Parks

Speaking of interviews, the proprietor of had some questions of his own about this blog. I fielded questions on how I started blogging, the benefits I’ve gotten from it, favorite Appalachian Trail camping experiences…and what celebrity I would most like to hike the Appalachian Trail with. Click on the image below to read the full interview.

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Well it has been a while since I did one of theses posts, but I just happened to be looking at my Site Stats and I realized I just passed 800,000 views on January 23, 2012.

# of Views Date
0 March 3, 2006
100,000 July 16, 2007
200,000 March 5, 2008
300,000 September 26, 2008
400,000 April 12, 2009
500,000 ~December 15, 2009
600,000 ???
700,000 ???
800,000 January 23, 2012

As always, thanks for visiting!

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Circa Tuesday, this blog passed 500,000 views. It took over 8 months for this last 100,000 so traffic has slowed down just a tad. But my feelings aren’t hurt as I haven’t been posting that much lately (sorry about that). Here’s an updated table:

# of Views Date
0 March 3, 2006
100,000 July 16, 2007
200,000 March 5, 2008
300,000 September 26, 2008
400,000 April 12, 2009
500,000 ~December 15, 2009

Once again, thanks for reading!

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Early this evening, this blog passed 400,000 total views. It hit 300,000 on September 26th, so it took roughly 6 1/2 months for this latest 100,000 views. It’s quite an improvement over the 16 months it took for me to get my very first 100,000!

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you, WordPress, for having such great Search Engine Placement. : )

Finally, so *I* don’t have to work so hard to find out those older dates– here’s a reference table of my view milestones:

# of Views Date
0 March 3, 2006
100,000 July 16, 2007
200,000 March 5, 2008
300,000 September 26, 2008
400,000 April 12, 2009

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3 Year Blogiversary

Three years ago, I wanted to make a comment on my sister’s blog, but her site was locked down so only WordPress users could comment. So I signed up for an account and suddenly I found myself staring at a blaring blank page labeled, “This is your new blog.”

Well I could just let it remain empty, now could I? So I did a post. It was riveting. Brace yourself– ORA-01722 with ODP and Command Parameters.

And the comment that started it all? It was equally riveting:

The Comment That Started It All

Even though it turns out my technical posts by far draw the most views (All five of my most popular five posts have to do with programming) and even though those posts have saved my rump more than once (two weeks ago I referred to three of my own JavaScript posts), they aren’t my favorites. I tend to fancy the ones with connections between two different objects or concepts, ones that compare and contrast or reveal a pattern. I also seem to fondly remember the posts that have to do with poo.

So, after 3 years, 823 posts and a little over 380,000 views, here are a few of my personal favorites:

Snubbed McAfee’s Knob Pose! Fern, Fiddle Head, Crozier Fern Fronds and Fiddles
Instant Justice Crap to Iraq Tree Farm Silo Trees of the U.S.
Sinking Creek Mountain - Rock Beats Scissors, Moss Beats Rock Malcolm X, Prison…and Moss Top of Falls in Winter Something the Thru Hikers Miss
Poop in the Woods Club Poop in the Woods Club Douthat State Park - Kooshball Fungus Koosh Balls in Nature!
Hitchcock and Stem Cell Research John's Creek Mountain Trail: Tree Devours Blaze Hungry Trees

I do have to say, I rather enjoy blogging. It appears I owe my sister a pretty hefty thank you.

Thank you, Carolyn!

March 3, 2009 at 1:00 am 4 comments

Blog News: Festival of the Trees

For the most part, trees tend to be homebodies. They put their roots down and they stay put. There are exceptions, of course, like Old Glory or the Costa Rica Walking Tree.

Blog Carnivals, on the other hand, don’t stay put. With each issue they travel around to another host blog. Festival of the Trees does just that. A blog carnival the celebrates all things arboreal, issues are published monthly, are chock full of interesting links and pictures and have been hosted by blogs in locales as diverse as trees themselves.

Roundrock Journal in the Mississippi Ozarks
Flatbush Gardener from New York City
Rock, Paper, Lizard in British Columbia
A Neotropic Savanna from Panama
Earth, Wind and Water from the Caribbean

And come this summer, we can add this blog to the list. I’m scheduled to host July 1st! 🙂

P.S. Photo by Austin Tolin

January 30, 2009 at 9:14 am 1 comment


Just a quick note– this blog passed 300,000 last Friday (September 26th).  I don’t remember exactly how long ago it passed 250,000.  It was somewhere in the vicinity of Father’s Day.

Anyway, I wish I had something more substantial to add, but I’m pretty tired and I really just wanted to get a timestamp of the milestone recorded.

Oh, but I am not too tired to say:

Thanks, everyone!  Thank you for the views! 🙂

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Google Reader Knows Me Well

When we first got Tivo, we had Tivo’s recommendations turned on.  Between our roommate who liked to watch SpongeBob and Sean’s fancy for the Simpsons, Tivo decided our household would love programs targetted for toddlers.  Our receiver got so focused on recording the likes of Little Bear and Blue’s Clues, we finally disabled that feature.

Google Reader just recently started a recommendation feature.  Guess what Google Reader‘s top recommendation was for me!  My own blog!!!!  Those programmers at Google are amazing.  How did they know I would like to read about hiking and butt cookies?  😉 So I went ahead and subscribed.

I don’t expect any surprises to surface with the subscription to my own blog, but I think it is safe to say Google Reader is already more accurate than Tivo was.

December 3, 2007 at 10:31 am 1 comment

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