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Bald Eagle Web Cam

A few weeks ago, I got to see a real live pair of bald eagles in the wild! They were circling over Merchant’s Millpond State Park. Alas, even with 12x optical zoom and strategic cropping, this is as close as I was able to get:

Merchant's Millpond Canoeing - Bald Eagle (Cropped)
Vicky’s Blurry Bald Eagle

Well, now I can get up close and personal with Bald Eagles… and BABIES! Baby Bald Eagles!

Since 1997, Xcel Energy has been installing cameras to promote conservation efforts and give the public a chance to see birds nesting. Currently they have cameras for Falcons, Kestrels, Ospreys, Owls and, of course, Bald Eagles. The Bald Eagle nest is hopping at the moment.  It’s home to three adoreable and clumsy hatchlings.

Hat Tip, The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog

April 14, 2009 at 1:48 pm 5 comments

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