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A Mini-Lesson from a Mini-Dump

The beagle, Henry, has a bad habit.  Well, one of many.  Overnight, while every living being in the house (even the picky cat) is asleep, Henry likes to sneak in one room and force tiny, tiny bits of poo from his bowels.  Looking at the volume it is quite obvious Henry was not in discomfort and the urge he felt was far from pressing.  He does it because he can.  Sean and I call this phenomenon “minidumps”

Well this morning I had the day off work, so I got to sleep in.  Instead of a kiss, Sean’s farewell was “Bye!  Have fun with the mini dumps!”

Sure enough, when I finally arose there were presents waiting for me.  But– it’s my day off, so I left the task till later.   Hours went by and I get a phone call from a friend.

“Hey, where are you?” she said.

“I’m home!” I declared proudly.

“Open your front door!”

There she was— right outside my front door!  And from there… Henry’s minidumps were sitting in plain sight!

So the moral of this story is very similiar to what Christians teach about judgement day:

Be prompt in cleaning up your messes because you never know when they will be on display.

P.S. Luckily this friend is very understanding about dogs— so if anyone had to witness Henry’s work, I’m glad it was her.

P.S.S. Apparently, I haven’t absorbed my own lesson quite yet– the minidumps are still waiting to be disposed of!

March 20, 2006 at 5:05 pm 4 comments

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