Printing Everyday Episode 26 – Vicky Somma

March 14, 2015 at 3:43 pm Leave a comment

PrintingEveryday From breastfeeding to the White House, I’ve had a most unexpected 3D Printing journey. In February, I got to chat with Jess Hedstrom on her Printing Everyday Podcast. If you haven’t had a chance, definitely check out her show. Hearing all the stories of the personalities involved in 3D printing has been fascinating.

P.S. That picture you see on the Printing Everyday post. That was me trying to get a cute picture of myself, my kids, and my 3D printed creations. I like to caption it “Some things are harder than learning Blender.” : )

Entry filed under: 3D Printing, Blender.

Bridge to Terabithia and 3D Printed Dice Links from “3D Printing without a 3D Printer” #MakerFaireNova

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