Bethany Beach 2014 Recap – Day 2 – Shopping and Family Hike

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Sunday July 27th was our first full day at Bethany Beach and we made the most of it!

Morning Run
When I woke up, I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a morning run. I actually prefer to run in the evenings and only do morning runs when I’m preparing for a race that’s in the morning. But I knew from experience, we have late dinners at the beach as some of my relatives are from the west coast. I also knew Ryan was only going to be around two more days, so if I wanted to run, I needed to get it done while he was in town. So I forced myself to run. I’m glad I did. It was delightfully drizzly out and I was invigorated by the salt air.

She has absolutely no idea, but one of my Facebook friends has become my running rival. She posts the results of all her runs on Facebook and well… she’s a lot faster than me. Now every time I run (which confession– is only once a week), I benchmark myself against her. I’m *always* slower but in trying to catch up with her, my pace (with the jogging stroller!) is substantially better than it was *before* I got pregnant with my first son! It’s amazing what a little [unrequited] competition can do! Anyway, that day at the beach I finally beat her pace…. but only for 1 mile. Hey, it’s a start! : )

Happy The Crab and The Artful Bean
The coffee pot in our beach house had an untimely altercation with gravity, so it was the perfect excuse for a coffee snob like me to go to The Artful Bean.

Ryan, Mom, Sagan, Dyson, and I walked over and ordered some fancy coffees and some breakfast sandwiches. While we waited, my Aunt Priscilla and my cousin’s daughter, Mya, showed up.

Sagan was well behaved at the coffee shop, but some of that was luck. As soon as Sagan started to get restless, with rambunctiousness threatening to arrive at any moment, we had a surprise hero! Chris Rohrbach, the author of Happy the Crab, had a display at the coffee shop and he asked Sagan and Mya if they wanted to draw. That they did and it gave Mommy and Daddy just enough time to finish up their food. : )

Bethany Beach - July 27 - Mya and Sagan Draw Happy the Crab
Mya and Sagan Draw Happy the Crab with Chris Rohrback

Bethany Beach - July 27 - Sagan's Happy the Crab
Sagan’s Happy the Crab

Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market
After the coffee shop, we were just a couple of blocks away from the Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market, so we decided to head that way. Each week, Ryan and I do a Family Walk with the kids to our local farmer’s market. It was nice to keep up our tradition depsite being at the beach.

When I was planning my wedding, my boss and friend, Larry, told me, “You are such a cheapskate except when it comes to food.” He was referring to restaurants, but his observation is just as apt for produce. Ryan and I can tear through some cash when it comes to Farmer’s Markets. And so, I spent 33% of my on-hand cash the very first morning at the Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market.

Some produce, I got with the children in mind. My boys like husking corn and snapping green beans, so we got 26 ears of corn and a huge back of green and yellow beans. I had visions of a whole group of cousins sitting out together husking corns and snapping beans, like I did as a child. It didn’t quite turn out that way, but that’s okay.

Lately, we have been on a roasted okra kick, so I got some okra (which turned out to be a delight to my Great Aunt Maisie). Peaches, raspberries, etc. THEN– something I’m so envious of. The Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market has MUSHROOMS! I’m a huge mushroom fan, so we bought a variety of mushrooms for the beach house from Davidson Exotic Mushrooms. LOVE!

Comics and Gaming
Our final stop in our morning walk was the Comics and Gaming store. My husband is a comic book shop enthusiast with aspirations of running his own shop one day. It’s a great little shop with a wonderful assortment of inventory. And a nice little coincidence– it turns out it is owned by the son of one of my father’s friends!

Lesson Learned – Pack the Double Stroller
So when my mother and I were packing, the car was pretty tight and Mom observed, “Everything in Bethany is really close.” She was right and Ryan and I often carry the kids long distances on hikes, so I decided not to pack the double stroller.

That first outing on the first day illustrated conclusively to Ryan, Mom, and I that whoopsie, yeah, we really do want the double stroller. This was going to be more vital later in the week when Ryan was back at work and it was just Mom and I (Mom is not big on carrying children like Ryan is). Luckily, my brother and his fiance had not arrived yet. My mother called them and they agreed to swing by our house and bring the double stoller with them. That turned out of be key to the rest of the trip. Lesson learned– make room for the double stroller.

Family Hike – Fresh Pond! (Another Hooray for Google Maps)
With our shopping excursion done, we were in the market for something to do. A good time for a Family Hike at Fresh Pond!

Naps and Dinner
After that, our day’s progress took a screeching halt as the kids needed to nap. For supper, we walked over to my Aunt Julie’s beach house where her family made a giant feast of delicious spaghetti. We would find that dinners would become one of Sagan and Dyson’s favorite part of the day. They both very much enjoyed playing and chasing the amply supply of cousins there.

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