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We recently finished watching the documentary series “North America.” Holy crap. I LOVED it. I found myself laughing, laughing, laughing at the antics of prairie dogs and spider suitors. I also found myself emotionally vested in (and almost choked up by) the plights of mothers of all sorts trying to protect their babies– humpbacks and bisons and mountain goats.

But, there was one oddity about the series that stuck out to us.  The narrator was Tom Selleck and a common theme of the early episodes (It did get toned down in subsequent episodes) is how strong or how tough you had to be to make it in “‘Murica.” Ryan and I weren’t the only ones who noticed. Some IMDB reviewers mentioned it as well.


And then there was little Sagan. After five episodes, he could mimic Tom Selleck (or more likely he was mimicking us mimicking Tom Selleck). It still makes me smile.

Sommas Having Fun at Tom Selleck’s Expense

We were having our fun, but I really don’t think the narration ruined the series.  The cinematography is amazing and awe-inspiring.  The stories are amazingly compelling. I very much enjoyed the series.

Oh and don’t judge Tom Selleck (or the writers) too harshly.  One well-renowned founding father was also quite driven with proving how big and strong North American species were. : )

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