Family Hike – Meadowlark Botanic Gardens

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The National Park Service deemed the peak blooms for the District of Columbia’s cherry blossoms was Thursday April 10, 2014. The following weekend seemed to be a good time to go out and see them. Alas, we were quite busy and suddenly our groggy children were waking up from naps on Sunday afternoon. We really didn’t have the time to metro it out to the National Mall, so we decided to go a quick hike instead. I did some googling and found a Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority park in Vienna, Virginia that boasted more than twenty varieties of cherry trees. It was called Meadowlark Botanic Gardens.

Remember a few years ago visiting Washington State, when I sounded like an idiot speculating which mountain was Mount Rainier? Well guess what, I’m perfectly capable of sounding like an idiot back here at home as well. I had never heard of Meadowlark Botanic Gardens. You know what I thought? I thought Ryan and I were going to check out an undiscovered gem. “Oh I never heard of this, so no one has.”

If you go by the crowds at the Botanic Gardens that day, we were apparently one of the few people who had NOT heard of that park. It was packed! When we paid our entrance fee (kids under six are free!), the cashier even mentioned he had not had a chance to sit down all afternoon.

Park Overview
The gardens are 95 acres strong and have a series of paved paths and more rustic hiking trails through the property. We were able to walk most of the available mileage that day. All the flowering trees were gorgeous as you would expect. Sagan had fun playing at the Children’s Tea Garden. Sagan and Dyson both really enjoyed the Korean Bell Garden, particularly the nearby fountain. My favorite parts were the Young Forest Nature Trail and the Fred Packard Grove. Both of those trails were more like hiking trails… and we didn’t see a single other person on either one.

Near the end of our journey, we did spy a “Historic Tree Trail.”

My husband knows me well. Knowing how immersed I could get photographing and reading about historic trees and that it was dreadfully close to the park closing time, he asked, “Sweetie, do you mind if we come back and see the Historic Trees a different day?” : )

Meadlowlark Botanic Gardens is a popular destination for portrait photographers. We saw maybe a half dozen professional photographers congregated by scenic bridges, fountains, and blooming trees dangling diffusers and taking photographs of families and engaged couples. It’s easy to see why they picked this destination. It’s beautiful.

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Sagan Cheers Tea with Stranger
Sagan Shares Tea with a Stranger

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Fountain and Cherry Blooms
Fountain and Trees – Don’t Be Fooled By the Lack of People in this Shot. I Got Lucky!

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - New Carrier in Action on Nature Trail
The Young Forest Nature Trail – More Our Style

I’ll focus this section on the flowering trees. They were definitely lovely and worthy of the crowds.

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Cherry Blossoms and Shadows

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Magnolia Blooms By Visitor Center

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Cherry Blossoms From Shoreline

Like Huntley Meadows, there is a lot of fauna to see. Nesting geese (some more aggressive than others) were prominent. We saw turtles, including two turtles fighting which Ryan and I never saw in all our years living in the swamps of North Carolina. For some reason I chose to take a shot of Sagan and Ryan watching the turtles fight. Once I got that shot done, the turtles had already resolved their differences. Lake Caroline also featured some large koi.

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Canadian Goose Nest
Nesting Goose

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Ryan and Sagan Watch Turtles
Sagan and Ryan Watch Turtles Fight

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Turtle
The Victor Turtle, The Loser Retreated

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens - Koi

Although it wasn’t a hike-hike, we definitely enjoyed our visit to Meadowlark Botanic Gardens. I expect we’ll do return trips in the future, particularly to read up on some historic trees.

More pictures of our Meadowlark Botanic Gardens Outing can be found on my Flickr site.

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens
9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court
Vienna, VA 22182

Park Map

Length: Varies

Elevation Gain: Negligible

Entrance Fee: $5 for adults, $2.50 for children 7-17


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