Baby Steps

April 8, 2014 at 1:00 am 1 comment

Phew, with a toddler and a baby, I find I have to be patient…when it comes to my extracurricular activities.  I definitely don’t complete projects nearly as fast as I used to.  I have to be satisfied with short bursts of progress, baby steps if you will.

This weekend, I managed to get just a tad bit closer with a couple of projects:

3D Printed Breastfeeding Pendant
It took me a couple of months to eke in Blender tutorials and make time to fix non-manifold edges and the like to make my Origami Owl Breastfeeding Charm.  Earlier in March, I ordered a pendant version.  I LOVE it.  A week ago I took pictures…and this past weekend I finally got everything up on Shapeways.  If you covet a breastfeeding pendant, shebam!  You can order one now!  🙂

Pallet Vertical Garden
I also aspire to make a vertical garden out of an old pallet I procured in December, following Life on Balcony’s “How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden” post. December through March the pallet just sat next to the driveway, a visible reminder of my inaction. : ) Two weeks ago, I bought potting soil and landscaping fabric.  Last week, I bought the plants.  This week I had hoped to plant everything….but I had to settle for just stapling all the landscaping fabric on the pallet while my children played beside me.  I didn’t even trim the excess fabric off. So this project is now about 14 weeks in the making. : )

Pallet Vertical Garden in Progress
Pallet Garden – Week 13

Photo Wall
A family friend has this amazing wall in his house dedicated to his favorite photos.  I have been wanting to do something similar since December.  Six weeks ago, my husband purchased picture frames for me which have sat in our foyer ever since.  They too are an effective souvenir of my inaction. A guest entered our house last week and announced, “Vicky, these picture frames are still here!” Luckily, I was able to report forward progress. Two weeks ago I picked out 29 “finalists” and ordered 5×7 prints.  One week ago, I figured out who to lay out the frames.  What was my accomplishment this week?  Brace yourself! 

I. Picked. Up. The. Printed. Pictures. 

A remarkable feat, I know.  🙂

Photo Wall - Actual Photos
Actual Pictures…. How Long Until They Are On The Wall? : )

My Mom’s Taxes
This one is almost done…really.  Last week, I got the bulk of everything gathered and entered.  Just a couple more items and I can scratch this one off my list.

Staying Fit
This one was a bit easier this week.  The weather warmed up, so it’s easier to merge “time with my sons” with “exercise.”  Long live that jogging stroller!  I got a 5K run in with Dyson during the week, tons and tons of walking with the boys, and I actually made it to the gym for some weight lifting over the weekend.  I’m far cry from a super-athlete, but I am pleased my husband and I have managed to weasel exercise into our schedules.

Write My Friend Meg
I have a friend battling cancer for the second time.  A bunch of people have been sending her letters and cards.  She’s been thrilled to be getting real mail every day when she checks her mailbox.  Anyway, I have a goal to write her once a week.  I am falling short on that.  I’ve only sent her three letters in the past five weeks.  D’oh!

P.S. Meg’s been particularly touched/surprised when she hears from strangers, so if you are interested in mailing her something, let me know!

Uh… yeah. Definitely room for improvement on this one. I have plenty of content ideas. Northern Virginia, family-friendly hikes alone is easily a dozen-plus posts. I just don’t seem to ever get to it. But I got this post in, so maybe one day. : )

Trees on Mars Stories
Finally, I’ve continued work on a collection of short stories about the people involved in the “tree phase” of terraforming Mars (one of which was published at Luna Station Quarterly).  I have about 35,000 words edited and pretty finalized…but I have another 30,000 still needing attention.  This one, progress is probably the slowest.  It is the hardest hobby to do with my children awake, but I’m sneaking in a half hour here and there right before I fall asleep.

Slowly, but Surely.  Slowly, but Surely.  Slowly, but Surely.  When you have a baby, I’ve found they aren’t the only ones making baby steps. : )

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  • 1. kittywilkin  |  May 11, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    You got a LOT done! Go you! I’ve found that I’ll have a day where I seem to cross things off my list all day, and then the next day I succeed in accomplishing NOTHING. As everyone says, babies don’t keep. Your to-do list will still be there tomorrow! ❤


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