Our Second Bradley Method Birth Appendix – Third Trimester Exercise

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Like last pregnancy, I tried to keep active. With a toddler around, I didn’t make it to the gym as much, so I tried to get creative on the off-days. So you’ll see notes where I was doing pushups or planks at playgrounds. There is also a Flickr set of my various elliptical and bike workouts where you can watch my pace decrease as the pregnancy progressed. 🙂

Also during this pregnancy, I totally fell in love with BodyPump classes at the gym. LOVED it. Still LOVE it. Highly recommend! They even have a BodyPump Pregnancy Guide brochure with modifications to the exercises for pregnancy.

With exercising during pregnancy, I still recommend listening to your body. You’ll see evidence of that in Week 35. The elliptical was uncomfortable, so I moved to the bike and there were days were I just rested.

Sunday March 24th – Weight Lifting with Ryan!!!
Monday March 25th – 65 minutes on the Elliptical
Tuesday March 26??
Wednesday March 27th – Nothing, business travel
Thursday March 28th – Nothing, business travel
Friday March 29th – Quick Hike Up Lady Slipper at Pandapas Pond
Saturday March 30th – Tinker Cliffs Hike! NO BREAKS!!! w00t

Sunday March 31 – ???
Monday April 1st – BodyPump
Tuesday April 2nd
Wednesday April 3rd – BodyPump
Thursday April 4th
Friday April 5th – Run/Walk with Jogging Stroller – Mount High Street->West Locust, down to Pool and Back
Saturday April 6 – Walk to Car Under Bridge, Mowing Lawn

Sunday April 7 – Fitness Trail/Hike with Sagan
Monday April 8th – 5K Run/Walk with Jogging Strolled — River Ridge Bike Path
Tuesday April 9th – Playing at Occoquan Regional Park with Sagan for about 50 minutes, planks, push ups
Wednesday April 10th – BodyPump
Thursday April 11th – Run/Walk to the Playground on Clipper with Jogging Stroller (25 min), Played with Sagan with lots of ladder climbing (30 mins), Run/Walk Home (25 min)
Friday April 12th – ????
Saturday April 13th – River Cleanup! 4 hours of Kayaking

Sunday April 14th – Mowing, Probably a Walk to the Car
Monday April 15th – Running without jogging stroller. Walked up Mount High Hill, ran to West Locust downhill, walked downhill, Run almost all the way to pool, stretched, ran to Ellicott Street, ran alley and up to almost all the way back home.
Tuesday April 16th – Don’t think I did anything
Wednesday April 17th – BodyPump
Thursday April 18th – ???
Friday April 19th – ????
Saturday April 20th – Tons of errands, walk to car, walk w/Sagan from Jiffy Lube to Bank and back

Sunday April 21st – Tree Planting, Weight Lifting at Gym, Mowing
Monday April 22nd – 40 minutes on Elliptical
Tueday April 23rd – 1 Hour Walk to Grandma’s House and then across bridge with Jogging Stroller
Wednesday April 24th – Walked to OB/GYN appointment with Sagan in Umbroller, BodyPump class
Thursday April 25th – ?????
Friday April 26th – Mowing
Saturday April 27th – Nothing, TJ Hackathon

Sunday April 28th – I don’t think I did anything
Monday April 29th – Walk to Car, 10K in an hour on the elliptical with Hills set to 4.
Tuesday April 30th – Just playing with Sagan inside
Wednesday May 1st – BodyPump- upped tricep and biceps weight.
Thursday May 2nd – Mowing
Friday May 3rd – None, Driving to Blacksburg
Saturday May 4th – None, Blacksburg Visit

Sunday May 5th – Hiking Falls Ridge (carrying Sagan), Lots of Walking and Wagon Pulling at Frontier Museum
Monday May 6th – None (Blogging)
Tuesday May 7th – None (Playing with Sagan, some pushups and planks)
Wednesday May 8th – BodyPump
Thursday May 9th – Family Walk to Pool Playground and Back
Friday May 10th – Mowing with Manual Push Mower
Saturday May 11th – Walk to Grandma’s House with Jogging Stroller and Farmer’s Market, Lots of Sagan Playing

Sunday May 12th – Walk to Grandma’s House with Jogging Stroller, Weight lifting with Ryan, planting pawpaws and transplanting American Chestnut
Monday May 13th – Nothing – Mother’s Day Dinner at Cheesecake Factory
Tuesday May 14th – 65 Minutes Elliptical, 5.5 miles, Hills Set to 5.
Wednesday May 15th – Nothing – Star Trek!!!
Thursday May 16th – 1 hour walk to car and chestnuts with jogging stroller, then ~30 minutes mowing with manual push mower back yard (part with Sagan in BabyErgo)
Friday May 17th – ???
Saturday May 18th – Sick, but did a short walk to Post Office and back.

Sunday May 19th – Sick, nothing
Monday May 20th – 1 Hour Family Walk Looking for Cicadas up McKenzie Drive and Down Stairs
Tuesday May 21st – (Aaron and Meagan over for dinner) 27 minutes of mowing with manual push mower the front yard
Wednesday May 22nd – Walk with Sagan and umbrellor to OB/GYN in Lake Ridge (~30 – 40 min)
Thursday May 23rd – Walk with Sagan on Mount High Street->Locust Loop, Collecting Cicada Shells (took us over an hour to do a mile)
Friday May 24th – Don’t think I did anything
Saturday May 25th – At least four hours of clean-up and pergo piling, Mowing with push mower of back and front yard.

Sunday May 26th – 1 hour weight lifting with Ryan, short multigenerational family walk at Lorton Workhouse, Organizing and moving clothes.
Monday May 27th – Family Hike through the woods in Lake Ridge, 1.5 hour Family Walk at Dusk (from 123 Bridge, across footbridge and back home)
Tuesday May 28th –
Wednesday May 29th – 65 minutes on the elliptical 3.91 miles, 6888 feet, 550 calories burnt
Thursday May 30th – Taking Sagan to Grandma’s House to Fetch Car (did some carrying)
Friday May 31st – Walking to Secret Garden with Brian and Ryan, then up West Locust and Down Mount High Street with Brian
Saturday June 1st – Pergo installation

Sunday June 2nd – Walk down to craft fair (basically Mill House Museum and back)
Monday June 3rd – 50 minutes on elliptical, 438 calories, 3.36 miles, 5565 feet
Tuesday June 4th – Low impact walking with Sagan around neighborhood (Groundhog siting!). Mowing of the side yard.
Wednesday June 5th – 17:27 minutes on elliptical – 148 calories, 1.15 miles, 1791 feet. Then 39:31 minutes on bike (elliptical was uncomfortable) for 7.1 miles and another 203 calories.
Thursday June 6th – Not going to sound like much, but spent about an hour pushing Sagan around in that giant truck-themed shopping cart in Giant. 🙂
Friday June 7th – Walking alone to OB/GYN in the pleasant, nostalgic drizzle. (About a mile, 25 minutes worth)
Saturday June 8th – Walk to Farmer’s Market and Mailbox and back, Mowing front and back yard. (Very low energy day– slept in and then napped three hours)

Sunday June 9th – Swam 32 laps at the gym (1 mile), Cleaning of basement from cord trim installation.
Monday June 10th – 1 hour on bike – 10.63 miles, more than 2 miles of it at level 20. Calories 300.
Tuesday June 11th – Walk to Grandma’s House and Back to Check on Chestnut– Carried Sagan AND his mower and his popper most of the way.
Wednesday June 12th – Minor walking looking for the McCourt to Occoquan Trail Meeting
Thursday June 13th – None– exhausted 😦 😦 😦
Friday June 14th – Not much, but pushups, squats and lunges, tricep dips while Sagan played on playground.
Saturday June 15th – two hour walk with Sagan to Farmer’s Market, Chestnut tree, and Phelp’s. Afternoon at Doug and Kristina’s

Sunday June 16th – Weight lifting with Ryan
Monday June 17th – Nothing – Man of Steel date with Ryan
Tuesday June 18th- Biking 60 minutes, 10.68 miles, 303 Calories, 2.5 miles Level 20 or greater
Wedneday June 19th – Walking To and From Grandma’s House (carrying Sagan the way home), mowing of front lawn with push mower.
Thursday June 20th – ????
Friday June 21st – Walked to and from OB/GYN appointment (~2 miles), did a family walk to take a picture of the chestnut and then across the bridge (~1.5 miles).
Saturday June 22nd – Walked to Farmer’s Market and back

Sunday June 23rd – 1 hour weight lifting at gym with Ryan, Hike through Tanyard Hill woods with Ryan and Sagan (maybe 1.5 miles)
Monday June 24th – Nothing – Working on Email Issues
Tuesday June 25th – Walking Sagan down to the Pool Playground in the Stroller and then around Occoquan
Wednesday June 26th – Walk Back From Parked Car at Grandma’s house. Small Walk to Construction Site with Ryan and Sagan
Thursday June 27th – Not much – playing with Sagan, Started to Mow Before Thunderstorm
Friday June 28th 1:58 AM – GAVE BIRTH

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