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Introducing Dyson Lowell

And now we are a family of four! Ryan and I recently welcomed a second son into our family.

Sagan Holds Dyson (Portrait)
Our First Son Holds Our Second Son!

We named him Dyson Lowell. Dyson is the surname of a family of scientists and technologists including father Freeman, the original describer and namesake of the Dyson Sphere, and daughter Esther, visitor to the International Space Station in 2009. Lowell is the name of my dear father who passed away a year ago.

Freeman Dyson, Esther Dyson, Lowell Sawyer

Like with his older brother Sagan, I don’t know where little Dyson’s aspirations and interests will be. But, I do have a wish for my second son. One thing that particularly struck me about my father is even when he was in tough financial times, he would still have humorous stories to share. His face would get red and tears would start to form in his eyes as he cackled and relayed his tales.

And that is my hope for little Dyson. Whatever he grows up to be, I hope that even in the stressful times, he is able to find some humor in life.

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