Houston, We Have Some Jealousy

August 20, 2013 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

For the most part, Sagan has been pretty enamored with his baby brother. We’ve seen some snippets here and there of jealousy when it came to attention from Mommy and Daddy. For example, as soon as I start nursing Dyson, Sagan would approach me asking, “Hug? Hug?” (which I actually find kind of flattering). This week, however, was the first time we saw some jealousy over an object.

Dyson is old enough and strong enough to sit in the Bumbo Floor Seat. At first, Sagan was enthralled and as pleased as we were to see Dyson do something new.

Dyson - August 13 - In Bumbo Chair with Sagan
Sagan Pleased At Dyson’s “New Trick”

But then… Sagan decided that *he* wanted to be the one in the chair. The Bumbo Chair is a little small for two year old Sagan. Nonetheless, Sagan found a way to squeeze in. (Although he got in the chair by himself, he needed assistance getting out as he was squeezed in so tight the chair stuck to him!)

Bumbo Chair - Sagan Fits
I Fit

Sagan eventually grew bored of the chair and moved on to more exciting toys. Alas, later that day, Sagan discovered Dyson in the Bumbo Chair again. This time Sagan was…uh… not pleased.

Bumbo Chair - Sagan Upset Dyson Is In Chair
Sagan Distraught that He Isn’t the One in the Bumbo Chair

So Ryan and I got a little preview of some of the emotions to come. : )

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