Happy 3rd Birthday, American Chestnuts!

July 5, 2013 at 1:49 pm Leave a comment

Our Restoration Chestnuts from the American Chestnut Foundation were planted on June 17th and June 18th of 2010.  That means they celebrated their third birthday last month!  This year was particularly exciting because they got their first catkins this year. They are all grown up!

Like previous years, we celebrated with some photos.  Year 1, I was pregnant.  Year 2, my son Sagan posed with me.  Year 3, pregnant again.

American Chestnut - Birthday Tree and Vicky - Cropped
Year 1 – Pregnant
American Chestnut's 2nd Birthday - Sagan and Vicky
Year 2 – Not Pregnant

American Chestnut - Three Year Birthday
Year 3 – Pregnant Again
I look forward to posing for future photos with BOTH of my sons.  🙂


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