Paranormal Activity and the Car Thieves

October 17, 2012 at 11:52 am 2 comments

One night years ago, Ryan and I watched 2007’s Paranormal Activity. At the time, we were living in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. We owned two dogs and three cats, we had a steady influx of neighborhood kids coming in and out of our house, and I was the proprietor of one very unorganized desk.

When I watched Paranormal Activity, I got a huge kick of how easy that demon had it at first. It could instill fear and anxiety simply by moving a set of car keys from the counter to the floor. A demon certainly wouldn’t have been able to get away with such subtly in our house! If I had walked into the kitchen and found my keys on the floor, I had a myriad of culprits to blame before I would ever fret about ire from the underworld.

So flash forward a few years now. Ryan and I now live in a new town. We are (very sadly) no longer frequented by the neighborhood kids (we really miss them). But, we live with my mother and a tenant and are visited regularly by family members and friends. My brother, in particular, lives right across the street and comes over daily. We still have a lot of pets and also there might be a chance that I am possibly, perhaps, still dreadfully unorganized.

This morning Ryan and I loaded Sagan up in the car and we discovered our belongings scattered over the front seats. Our car had gotten broken into the night before. BUT— the thieves didn’t take anything! It’s a serious thing, of course, but Ryan and I couldn’t resist taking some amusement in this.

Facebook Status Update - Discovery of Car Thieves
What, our stuff is not good enough for you?!!

Now, that said– having the contents of the glove compartments vomited out on to the front seats is a pretty unambiguous sign that something is out of the ordinary. That is exactly the kind of chaos a demon would need to aspire to, right?

What the Car Thieves Did Not Take
Now THIS is noticeable (Click to see notes of the items the thieves did not take)

As Ryan and I commuted to daycare, my mother called to coordinate chores. She rattled off her plans to get papers notarized and how she was going to stop by Sam’s Club. And then when there was a lull in the conversation that needed to be filled, my mother adopted an annoyed tone (the one usually reserved for critiques about how the dishwasher was loaded) and threw out this little tidbit:

“[Your brother] rummaged through my car last night. He must have been looking for a paper.”

It sounded like a possibility but once she heard our story, she realized her car had been broken into as well.

It only took five hours.

So the take home of this story: If a car break-in could almost go by unnoticed, a demon sure would have to work its supernatural ass off to fluster my family.

Who knows, maybe one has already tried but after a few weeks of our collective obliviousness, it threw up its hands in frustration (or whatever other type of appendage a demon may have) and moved on to a family that could provide an easier return on investment. 🙂

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  • 1. Carolyn  |  October 17, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    LOL! That is hilarious.

    Clint is always making fun of me for not noticing when he changes something in the house. He’ll hang up something new, or change something around, and either I don’t notice at all, or it’ll be months later before I point it out, “Wasn’t that over there before?” or “Where did that come from?” Clint’s reply is something along the lines of, “Nice of you to finally notice.”

    The one time my car was broken into, we were in DC at a concert. I parked on a side street, right under a street light. We left our jackets in the car because it was cold enough to have a jacket, but too warm to want to lug it around inside a concert. When we got back, I got into the passenger seat and noticed the glove box was open, so I closed it. Then I noticed my brand new mp3 player was gone. And the faceplate to the mp3 player, which I had locked in the glove box, was gone. Then we noticed our jackets were gone. Turns out, I had left the box to my brand new mp3 player on the floor in the backseat (but they didn’t take the box….) I was right under the street light shining on it saying, “hey, thieves, I have a brand new mp3 player in here if you want it. Oh, and here are some leather jackets in case you are cold.” They didn’t break a window or anything. Nothing seemed forced. They must have had some good tools. So, yeah, I was a lot more careful after that.

    • 2. tgaw  |  October 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm

      Bahaha– “Oh and here are some leather jackets in case you are cold!” That was awesome!


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