Family Walk and a View of “The Dam”

February 27, 2012 at 1:00 am 1 comment

When my siblings and I were growing up in Occoquan, we often visited “The Dam”.  Back in those days, the Fairfax County Water Authority let people in through their entrance near the Millhouse Museum.  We’d fish back there, ride bikes back there, talk about episodes of Lassie and Star Trek with our babysitter, Jessica. I even learned an unfortunate but necessary lesson about momentum when I jumped off a skateboard that was rapidly descending a hill.  There are a lot of memories back there.

Unfortunately, in my adult years, the access to the Water Authority property has been cut off…even to those sporting a pregnancy belly and who ask really, really nicely.  That means we can no longer stroll along that particular memory lane.

I blame YOU, terrorists!

Columbus was trying to discover a trading route to the East Indies when he ran across this continent.  Similiarly, Sagan and I were trying to find an alternate walking route to the local CVS Pharmacy when at dusk, I spied a paved path to our right.  In the distance I could hear the muted roar of running water.

The dam!” I thought.

Light was scarce, so we couldn’t check it out that night, but it wasn’t long before it was “Family Walk” time.  Instead of our usual route, we walked that path.  It transversed the hillside ABOVE the Fairfax County Water Authority property.  From our vantage point, we could see the old road my siblings and I used to frequent.  We could also see the lower dam.  We didn’t get to see the upper dam, but we did get to see a number of white tail deer and beautiful Lake Michael.

Family Walk in Lake Ridge - Dam and Rhodos (By Ryan Somma)
The Lower Dam (Photo by Ryan Somma)

Family Walk in Lake Ridge - Deer (By Ryan Somma)
Deer (Photo by Ryan Somma)

Family Walk in Lake Ridge - Pond at Westminste (Close) (By Ryan Somma)
Vicky and Sagan at Lake Michael (Photo by Ryan Somma)

I would still jump at the chance to revisit our childhood route. In the abscence of that, this walking trail was quite satisfying. Perhaps one day Sagan can ride his tricycle there. Hopefully he won’t have to learn about momentum the hard way like his mommy did.

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  • 1. parthena  |  March 9, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Wow, what a gorgeous area to grow up in. I would have loved to grow up near a big lake like that close to so many trees…my family usually lived in more urban environments, though. 🙂


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