Darwin Day 2012 – Recommended Reading

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Science Online 2011 - Darwin ShirtHappy Darwin Day 2012!
A lovely Darwin Day 2012 to you!

A couple of years ago, I accompanied Ryan Somma to the then-new Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Although I was already a subscriber to evolution at the time, I profoundedly struck by the fossil record leading up to whales. Starting with the land-based Maiacetus inuus you could watch the progression of millions of years unfold right before your eyes. The front legs got larger and broader and the hind legs got smaller and smaller. Finally you were presented with the bones of a modern day whale. If you watch the film Big Miracle, you’ll note that whales no longer have hind legs, but inside they still carry a souvenir of old times – hip bones! The progression was easy to see and remarkably beautiful. I remember feeling so impressed and inspired.

In celebration of Darwin’s Birthday today, Ryan has compiled a list of 101 Reasons Why Evolution Is True. Perhaps there will be something on this list that will you’ll find as inspiring and fascinating as I was by whale hip bones!

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