Frazzled First Time Moms and Self Correcting Science

February 1, 2012 at 2:50 pm 1 comment

Boxer Shorts Cake One thing I am more aware of thanks to Ryan is the error-correction mechanism that is in place in science. “Science is a self-correcting algorithm,” Ryan likes to say. He points out examples where new findings trump old ones, conclusions are refined and how sometimes planets we know and love suddenly become dwarf planets (a correction Ryan happens to disagree with).

He also shares tales such as Larry Taylor. Forty years after vowing to “eat his shorts” if water was ever found on the moon, he had to do just that (albeit in tasty cake form).

One morning recently, I woke up and shuffled into the bathroom. I was greeted by my reflection. Even though I was wearing a scrunchie, most of my hair had escaped it. The free strands were the exact opposite of a school of fish. Each had its own unique idea of what direction to go in. My roots were grey. My eyes were puffy and pink.

“I look like a frazzled first-time Mom,” I announced.

“No, you’re beautiful.” Ryan tiredly recited an old conclusion.

THEN he looked up.

“Oh.” He said.

The new data before him was indisputable.

“You do look like a frazzled first-time Mom!”

Just like that, he corrected his error. I absolutely love how one of Ryan’s favorite facets of science is something he practices himself!

P.S. Just as one cold day does not offset a centuries’ worth of climbing temperatures, this one morning doesn’t necessarily nullify the overall trend Ryan has observed. At least, I hope not! 🙂

*The Tasty Boxer Short Cake is by Ziggiau

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  • 1. heartofnature  |  February 23, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    I LOVE this post! Makes me laugh every time I read it!


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