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Our Birth Appendix – Nutrition Worksheets

For our Bradley Method classes, we had to write down what we ate every day.  This was so our instruction could monitor our protein and calcium intake.  In addition, she would make suggestions about vegetables and eggs.  Although my diet was far from perfect, I did find the exercise to be helpful with limiting my Tollhouse Cookiewich intake.

My Nutrition Worksheets and Teacher Comments are below.  You can click on an image to go to Flickr where you can view Larger Sizes (Actions->View All Sizes). If you happen to be curious about what I ate, have at it. Otherwise, this post will help me remember that the very last thing I ate before my water broke was…. a lollipop! 🙂

Week 0
Week 0

Week 1
Week 1

Week 1 – Teacher Comments
Week 1 Comments

Week 2
Week 2

Week 2 – Teacher Comments
Week 2 Comments

Week 3
Week 3

Week 3 – Teacher Comments
Week 3 Comments

Week 4
Week 4

Week 5
Week 5

Week 6 – My Notes
I don’t have my official Nutrition Worksheet for this week. The teacher hands your sheets back at the following class. I missed that particular class due to Sagan’s early birth. It turns out though, I had some notes of my meals before I transcribed them to the Nutrition Worksheet.

Week 6 Notes

Week 7
Week 7

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Our Birth Appendix – Birth Plan

As part of our Bradley Method homework, Ryan and I finished typing up our Birth Plan just hours before my water broke.  The team at INOVA Alexandria Hospital were very supportive of our wishes.  With the exception of a brief question at check in, they never asked me about pain medication.   They were very good about stepping back and letting Ryan be my primary support person.  The only big thing they overrode us on was when the cord was cut (they were anxious to do assessments on the pre-term baby).

Birth Plan for Vicky and Ryan Somma
Estimated Delivery Date: August 13, 2011
Birthcare & Women’s Health
1501 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 549-5070

Father: Ryan Somma

Birth Attendants: Mary Beth Harris/Pam Llewellyn/Lori Stillwagon (Birth Assistant), Dr. Linda Bennington (Ryan’s Mother)

Philosophy: natural, non-medicated birth.  We have been trained in the Bradley Method.

Special Situations:  Vicky has a history of emetophobia (fear of vomiting).


  • Wish to remain hydrated with Gatorade, clear fluids, and ice chips
  • Option to have small nutritional snacks (crackers, nuts, yogurt, avocado)

First –Stage Labor

  • Privacy… We would prefer Ryan to be the primary support person.
  • Prefer freedom to walk around during labor.
  • Minimal exams to avoid becoming distracted or discouraged, gently as possible when performed to avoid premature rupture of membranes.
  • Manage pain in the following ways: massage, relaxation, Jacuzzi tub, etc.

Second-Stage Labor

  • Birthing equipment: squatting bar, birthing ball
  • Freedom to move around and try different pushing positions
  • Please use perineal massage, warm compress and support to prevent tearing.  If necessary to alleviate clitoral tear or fetal distress, please do a pressure episiotomy.
  • Ryan would like to catch the baby after midwife delivers head.
  • Immediate mother-infant skin-to-skin contact… please do not wash baby before attempting breastfeeding

Third-Stage Labor

  • Withhold clamping and cutting the umbilical cord until blood has transferred to the baby and cord has stopped pulsating.
  • Would like to expel the placenta naturally.  Please administer Piticon only if threat of hemorrhage.
  • Ryan would like to cut the cord.

Post Baby Care

  • Please do administer Vitamin K Shot and Erythromycin Ointment
  • Please do not circumcise our son.

In Case of Transfer

  • If mother and baby have to be separated, Ryan will stay with the baby.  Linda (if present) can stay with Vicky.

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