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Henry <3 Playmats

Henry is still indifferent to the baby…but he LOVES the baby’s playmats.  He has taken to sleeping on them whenever there is a vacancy.

Henry Takes Over Playmat (By Anne Sawyer)
Henry Napping on a Playmat (Photo by Anne Sawyer)

Henry On ANOTHER Playmat
Henry Napping on ANOTHER Playmat

And what does he do if, pray tell, the baby is actually using his own play mat? Well, Henry waits his turn, of course! : )

Henry Waits for Playmat (By Anne Sawyer)
Henry Waits While Sagan Does His Wiggle Mode (Photo by Anne Sawyer)

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Elephants, Dachshunds and Stegosauruses

Last week after an unfortunate “diapie incident”, I put Sagan in one of his blue body suits from Precious Firsts by Carter’s.

Sagan - August 31 - In Onesie
Sagan in his Onesie

It was a white onesie with a pattern of grey stars and three different species of vertebrates:

  • Blue Elephants
    Sagan's Onesie - Elephant
  • Light Blue Dogs (Perhaps a Dachshund/Beagle Mix)
    Sagan's Onesie - Daschund
  • Green Stegosauruses
    Sagan's Onesie - Stegosaurus

Well goodness, you can’t sneak anything past the scrutiny of a science blogger. Ryan instantly noted that the onesie combined two contemporary mammals with a species that went extinct 150 million years ago.

Perhaps it shows that the only TV program Ryan and I have seen since Sagan’s birth has been season nine of Project Runway.  When Ryan chose to critique Sagan’s wardrobe, he did so through a mighty fine Michael Kors impression:

Michael Kors on Sagan's Onesie
Michael Kors Critiques Sagan’s Onesie

Don’t fret if you aren’t a baby and you want to wear your own recombination of geologic periods. You can find unlikely pairings in adult clothing as well. For example, Jesus riding a T-Rex, available at Urban Outfitters. 🙂

Photo by GmanViz

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Rooting for the Wrong Team

Sagan - August 20 - Amazed FaceRyan and I sleep on a firm futon mattress on the floor. Recently, Ryan was laying down in bed reading and I needed to fetch a diaper. I placed Sagan down near the foot of the bed.

It turns out our little baby was hungry. As soon as I laid him down, he started smacking his lips and doing his typical rooting behaviors.  I grabbed the diaper and when I turned around, I was suprised to see Sagan had locked on to a potential target.  He was shaking his head and getting ready to move in for the kill. 

I grabbed him…. right before he latched on to one of Ryan’s toes.  : )

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The Silver Lining of a Feces Encrusted Foot

Our 14 year old dog Jimmie has an unfortunately side effect of old age.  He has very little consciousness of his bowels.  He can surprise himself (and us) with a dump at any place and any time.  In front of guests even.  Sometimes this surprise occurs in the middle of the night while he is dead asleep.  You have to wake him up and show him.  “Dude!  You took a dump!”

With little Sagan in our lives, I’m a light sleeper at the moment.  Last night in the wee hours, I became aware of Jimmie getting up and rushing down the stairs.  That means either he is about to have an accident… or he already did.  My nose told me it was the latter.  So I grabbed some toilet paper and went on patrol.  I found two rather small pieces on the stairs which I picked up.  I returned to my room and headed to the bathroom to dispose of them. 

I was just thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe all that smell came all the way from the stairs from just this” when I became aware of the most unpleasant of sensations on my right foot.  My BARE right foot.

It was such a large deposit I had practically molded myself a brand new shoe.  I let out an involuntary sound of distinct displeasure.  Sagan stirred, but luckily didn’t wake up.

We sleep on the floor and to walk to the bathroom would have poop pass by my bed much closer than I’d be comfortable with.  Irritated, I hopped down to the bathroom on the third floor.  I tried my best to rinse off my foot in the bathtub, but the pressure of the water alone was not enough.  I had to use my hands to scrub the remainder off.  And then I discovered– THERE WAS NO SOAP.

Even more irritated, I hopped down to the half bath on the second floor.  I kicked my foot up onto the sink and used that soap and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed my foot (and hands) like there was no tomorrow.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jimmie was slinking back upstairs from the dog door on the first floor.  When he saw me, he froze.  He just stood there with his head low and his tail between his legs.

I was tired and I was incredibly angry.  Incredibly angry.  I wanted to yell and scream.  I wanted him to be punished.  Instead I found myself kneeling down and giving the poor old dog some pets and trying to calm his nerves.

My forgiveness benefitted more than just Jimmie.

Well this should put your mind at ease,” I thought.

A few nights before, little Sagan had a rough night.  Instead of sleeping, he opted for fussing.  All night long.

Sagan - Day Sixteen -  Loves ZJ's Towel Sagan - August 7 - Crying Sagan - August 25 - Crying

Crying (July 28th, August 7, August 25)

Circa 4 AM, I felt emotions I didn’t want to feel. Frustration. Exasperation. Anger.

Rationally I know those emotions are normal, particularly with sleep deprivation.  But, you still feel guilty and you still worry.  “What if [my temperament] gets worse?!?  What if I turn into one of those people that shakes babies?!?!

Well after last night, those particular fears are squelched (I still get to fret about SIDS though).  If I can be THAT angry and still be so instinctively gentle with an old incontinent dog, I most certainly will do the same for my son.

Jimmie may have given me a rude awakening last night, but I’ll rest easier in return.  🙂

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